Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy 25th Birthday To Me - Part 2

Back when I was...snap 21 years old...I created an 30 by 30 list.  That list is about to change my friends!  Why?  Well life as changed in the past 4 short years.  Some of those things are completely irrelevant at this point.  What was on the list you ask?  Well here it is:
1. Go on a cruise. (I guess I'd still like to...but I don't have a huge desire to go on a cruise really...& it's definitely not a before 30 bucket list type of thing)
2.Vistit 9 more states (Check...before 25)
3. Get married (This can stay)
4. Have kid(s) (This can also stay)
5. Read the 30 books you should read before 30 (I don't even remember what these books are...& according to who?? I googled it...there are lots of lists...this is out)
6. Drive coast to coast (This can stay)
7. Visit Europe again (This can definitely stay)
8. Find a "grown-up" job & love it (This is sticking because well I'm on year 2 of "grown-up" job but I defintiely don't love it)
9. Own a home (This stays)
10. Create a coffee table book (Let's be honest what kind of goal was this?  Out...)
11. Visit 3 more countries (This is out simply because I already have go back to Europe...)
12. Travel the Pacific Coast Highway (I'll make this a 101 in 1001 someday...not a must do before I'm 30)
13. Visit NYC (Again this is 101 in 1001 material)
14. Visit DC (Yep this one too)
15. Get a photography degree (This is also out...I go back & forth all the time with what I want to do...I don't know that that's it anymore either...)
16. Have at least 35% of my student loans paid off (Let's make that 50% as I'll have been paying for 6 years at that point...)
17. Become at least a part-time photographer (See #15...I think about it but I don't know that it's what I really want)
18. Get engaged (Out because doesn't getting married...#3...imply that I got engaged at some point...)
19. Survive deployment(s) (Out...I'm no longer with anyone in the military)
20. Repay my parents (As much as I'd love for this to original plan won't happen...)
21. Plan an amazing 5 year high school reunion (planned one...wouldn't call it AMAZING...but I did it...before 25...)
22. Plan an amazing 10 year high school reunion (Still have to be the one to plan it...don't care enough to put it on a 30 by 30 bucket list...)
23. Start a savings account for child(ren)'s college fund (Awesome idea but this won't be started until I have kids soooo OUT)
24. Build dream home (This one is out...just cause it's the same as owning a home...although I prefer it's one I build...)
25. Live in a big city/suburb for at least a year (Check...once again before out?)
26. Settle in a small town (This stays...I more than anything want out of the city/suburbs)
27. Participate in a 5k (Check...again before 25)
28. Get a tattoo (This happened at 22...out)
29. See at least 3 National Parks (This one stays)
30. Camp at at least half of the MN state parks (This is out...I don't even live in MN anymore & more than likely am not moving back...)

It's funny how much things can change in a relatively short amount of just 4 years only 7 of my original goals even interest me anymore.  So while I started this post with the intent of creating a new, more relevant 30 by 30, it's come to my attention that who knows where I'll be in the next 5 instead I'll create a realistic 26 by 26 that I have one year to complete.  Some may come from my 101 in 1001 & some may not.  No promises that I'll stick to it but perhaps I'll do this each year...26 by 26, 27 by 27, you get the picture ha.

So here's my 26 things I want to accomplish by Oct 23, 2014.
1. Read at least 5 of the 65 Books You Should Read in Your 20s (According to Buzzfeed...I'm an addict!)
2. Visit at least 1 new state
3. Have at least 20% of my student loans paid off
4. Step foot in a foreign country I've never been to before. (Considering I live 4 hours from Canada 3 months of the year & 5.5 from Mexico the other 9 you'd think this wouldn't be too hard...)
5. Check off at least 4 more things on my Texas Bucket List.
6. Get a teaching job in a new district.
7. Cook 12 new Pinterest meals.
8. Create 6 new Pinterest DIY projects.
9. Go on at least 1 date a month with a new guy (until I find a special someone)
10. Go to a movie by myself.
11. Watch 12 of the movies that people keep saying "OMG you've never seen that?!" to.
12. Get my 4th tattoo
13. Run at least 1 5k I've yet to run.
14. Start a mason jar of memories (screw waiting until Jan 1st!)
15. Attend a fitness class at least twice a month.
16. Watch all of Breaking Bad on Netflix
17. Watch all of Friday Night Lights on Netflix
18. Learn to play at least 1 song on the guitar...well
19. Get a psychic reading done for the fun of it
20. Kiss someone on NYE (for the first time since Dec 31st, 2009 I might add)
21. Learn Spanish
22. Go zip-lining
23. See at least 3 people/bands in concert I'v never seen before
24. Fall in love again
25. Ask a stranger to dance
26. Get 50 blog followers.

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