Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Weekend

I hope that all of you had a happy Easter & a wonderful weekend!  I am so glad that it's finally April.  March seemed to take FOR-EV-ER!  It was the month that'd never end!  But now April is here, there are only 43 days left of school, & softball ends this month!  Today I'm liking up with the amazing Andrea & The Blended Blog for "The Blended Blog Asks: Spring Edition" & the beautiful Biana for a little weekend recap.

First up, what I did this weekend!


Friday I didn't have work because it was a "make up bad weather day" & we hadn't taken any bad weather days so there was nothing to make up!  Nash & I took advantage of this fact & had quite the day!  I went to go get myself a six cheese bagel with garlic & herb cream cheese (pretty much the only thing I get ever) from Einstein Bagels.  While I was at the check out I decided to finally buy Nash his own doggy bagels since his birthday is coming up soon.  He loves them.  Of course he'd eat pretty much whatever I put in front of him so I don't know that that's saying all that much...

The weather was gorgeous which also had me craving some froyo that afternoon so I stopped in a new to me froyo place.  I was actually originally going to go to Sweet Frog because I always so, but then Menchies was closer so I started heading there instead when I saw Yogurt Story which I had never been to so I decided to pop in because mama likes to try new places & because try 101 new places by Dec 20, 2020 is one of my 101 in 1001 goals.  (Not that that's going to be an issue whatsoever... considering I'm now at 6 in a week...)

Because the weather was so nice, Nash & I went to the dog park for awhile in the afternoon so that he could play with some friends as well as went for a walk at the park by my apartment.  I miss when it was nice, & I had free time, every single day to go for a walk every single morning with Nash.  It makes him happy to be out & it makes me happy that he's not such a crazy train when we're at home.

That night I went to go see Mike Ryan at Lava Cantina.  If you like country music, check him out!  It feels good to have softball season winding down, & to not be the only one in charge anymore so that I can start going to concerts again more.  I also went to the same place the week before, ON A THURSDAY *gasp*, to see 1100 Springs.  Also, good if you like country music.

I met a few crazy characters while at the concert.  And I'm being nice by just saying crazy.  There was the group of girls that I had to stand in line behind to not only get in, but then in the bathroom, where I had to listen to a solid 5 minutes of "but when did he kiss you??" "where did he kiss you??" "I mean you didn't kiss him so you didn't really do anything wrong!!"  This caused some bonding between the rest of us in the bathroom..  Later that night while in line for a drink I met a different drunk girl who first tried to take her knee to the guy next to me, & then told me she wanted to do the same to me.  Umm okay.  She then took her pointer fingers, poked my sides, & told me she just wanted to pick me up & set me to the side.  Lady, you better watch it...  THEEEN she got real close & whispered in my ear "I look really good naked..." backed up & yelled "NOT!!"  Well now I don't know if I should think you're crazy or feel bad for you & your self esteem issues.  Instead I took my beer & wished the guy next to me luck.


Despite not getting home until midnight, Nash had us up around 6-6:30.  I am grateful it wasn't 4:30-5 like it had been Friday morning.  We lounged for a bit before it was off to the dog park so I could wear him out.  He bonded with a a 12 week old lab puppy.  He had finally met his match on the energy level.  We played there for a couple of hours before it was off to brunch, hence the tiring out of Mr. Nash.

We went to Lazy Dog because it's close to me, I love the food, & you can bring dogs.  I came so close to getting the same burger that I always get while I'm there but decided that I should change things up for once & get something else.  Like actual brunch perhaps since that's why we were there.  Raeann & I both got the breakfast club.  So good!  Of course I also had to get a bloody.

Even Nash & Washburn got their own meals.  After brunch Nash & I headed home so that we could nap.  After a late night, & two early mornings I was exhausted.  After two days of so much playing & meeting new dogs Nash was also exhausted.  I passed out for probably close to 2 hours.  When I woke up Nash was still snoozing away until a truck outside woke him up.  We went for a little walk & then I started getting ready to meet up with people.

A bunch of people/friends that work in my district met up for a night out.  This does not happen nearly enough, as in ever.  It needs to happen more because it was so much fun.  We met up at Cinco Taco for some drinks & appetizers to start off.

The night then took us to Addison Ice House, which had so much potential.  The place has a cool vibe, the drinks were good, the food was good, but our waitress was THE WORST!  She was rude & was impossible to get a hold of.  After the ice house, all but 3 of us went home.  The remaining three of us went to Ron's Place where we had a drink & watched Blades of Glory on TV with the bartender until closing time.

Luckily Nash loves me because he let me sleep until 8-8:30 after not getting home until 2:30 in the morning.  I had intended to take him to the dog park again if it was nice out but instead this is what most of our Sunday looked like.

I did manage to make it to the grocery store for the essentials.  Just kidding I bought real food too.  I made some Ranch Parmesan Chicken & cannot wait to try it.  It smelled so good while it was cooking.

That afternoon/evening Trey & I went on a crawfish adventure.  We started at Tasty Tails in Richardson but both agreed that it wasn't that great.  It's still not the worst I've had in the DFW area, but of the 4, it's number 3.  Because we weren't satisfied we drove all the way up to Denton to go to Hoochies for more crawfish.  Hoochies is now number 1 for me in the area.  The seasoning is excellent & that butter is so good.  After crawfish it was back home to hang out with Nash & watch some friends until Nash decided it was bedtime around 8:45.

And now all the spring things!!

1. What 3 colors remind you most of Spring? Blue, yellow, & green.

2. What is the first thing you’d add to your wardrobe in Spring? Shorts
3. What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in Spring? Sweaters
4. Who mows the grass where you live? The apartment people
5. What’s Spring Like where you live? One day it's raining & 50, the next day it's sunny & 80.  GO TEXAS!
6. What’s Your favorite thing about Spring? The weather starts getting warm again.
7. Are you a Spring Cleaner? No.  I wish I was, but no.
8. Are you a Baseball Fan? Yes
9. Tulips or Daffodils? Tulips
10. Favorite Outdoor Spring Activity? Going for walks
11. Flowers in the Ground or in Pots? Pots
12. Favorite Bird? Penguins lol
13. Car Wash or Wash Vehicles at Home? Car wash
14. When Do You pull out Your sandals? Any day that it's sunny & 65 or above


  1. Bha ha the Penguin comment, my middle son loves them so he’d say the same thing. Love that you went to more than one place for crawfish! It’s gonna be an awesome week girlie! xo

    1. when I was a kid I loved penguins so much I tried to convince my parents to cut a penguin door in our freezer so we could get a pet penguin.

  2. Ok I totally forgot that Penguins are birds!! I love Penguins!

  3. I love your "essentials." Have a great week.