Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Day Late & A Dollar Short

My only real excuse for not posting about my weekend yesterday is that I just didn't feel like it.  That & I stayed over at a friend's house Sunday night so mostly I didn't feel like it Monday morning.  So instead here I am at 8 am on Tuesday morning finally recapping my weekend.  Which was again a lot of puppy time.  However, unlike yesterday morning when we didn't even leave my friend's until 8, today we have all been watered, fed, walked, & caffeinated.  Well one of us had been fed & the other caffeinated.

Friday was low key.  Originally my friend & I were supposed to have a blog day but then other things came up so we did not.  Instead Nash & I just played a lot around the apartment & went for a couple of walks.  I watched a lot of One Tree Hill because that's what I do.  While Nash is napping, & I should be getting actual stuff accomplished I watch OTH instead.  While I'm playing with Nash on the carpet I have OTH on as well.

Saturday I was supposed to have brunch with co-workers but again that fell through which turned out to be okay because the place we planned on having brunch only does brunch on Sundays.  Nash & I hung out all morning & then had a double date that afternoon.  By double date I mean that I had a .first date & we both brought our dogs.  We went out for Mexican & then went on a brief walk before it started to storm.  Little man was out before we got onto the freeway.  That night we just hung out around home so Nash could get some rest in after his big day.

I met up with a couple of old coworkers at The Bearded Lady.  I had never been before but it was on my Fort Worth Food list.  They had a pretty limited brunch menu but the food was still really good as was the bloody mary.

One of our co-workers who was supposed to meet us for brunch was late so we went to The Republic Street Bar & then Hop Fusion for some drinks so he could join us as well.

Emily was house/dog sitting for another one of our friends/former co-workers so after beers I went home to pick up Nash to bring him over so he could play with some dogs & we could hang out.

Over the weekend I also made some "pupsicles" for Nash.  It's just some puppy dental bones, water, & low sodium beef broth.  2 cups broth mixed with 2/3 cups water.


  1. I'm so going to make Daisy some Pupsicles!! Nothing wrong with not posting, you're living your life girl!!

    1. They were so easy & Nash LOVED them! I need to make him more. In fact, I should go do that right now while he's napping...

  2. He's the stinkin cutest, he's so tiny in there with all the big dogs!

  3. hahah double date = first date and we brought the dogs. So cute!

  4. Homemade pupsicles! I love it