Friday, December 2, 2016

Hello December

I of course must start with the obligatory "holy crap it's already December?!"  But for real, there is now less than a month left of 2016.  And ya know what?  Bye Felicia!  2017 is going to by year so bring it on baby!  As soon as I leave work today I am on my way to San Antonio to celebrate my friend's birthday & run (let's be honest probably walk) the Rock n Roll 5k.

A girl I graduated with & her husband recently found out that they struggle with fertility issues due to an auto immune disease her husband was diagnosed with.  If you could do them a favor & vote for them in the Win a Baby contest it would be greatly appreciated!  They are on page 6 & are the 9th video.  If you watch the video you can see more of their story.  You can vote once per day!

I recently started the Left Behind series & I cannot put it down.  This week I finished the 3rd book, started & finished the 4th book, & then picked up the 5th book yesterday.

When the amazing Marie posted about this book on her blog I told her how I had been wanting to read it & being the sweet person that she is she sent it to me.  I can't wait to read it over Christmas break.

The weather is officially "cold" here.  That means it's soup season.  This week I made potato soup & I can't get enough of it.

Even though I had just bought the ingredients to make the above soup, I was starving.  What I really wanted was a Big Mac (I have been craving them lately!) but what was near me was Taco Bell.  I couldn't tell you the last time I ate at a Taco Bell.  Definitely years ago.  I got the nacho cheese tacos & they tasted horribly delicious.


  1. How sweet is Marie to send you a copy of that book - blog friends are amazing!! Happy Friday girl! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Such a fun Friday Favs...the Doritos Locos Tacos are my favs!!! That book is delightful...and so are you!! Happy weekend angel!!

    1. They are the only thing I get from Taco Bell on the rare occasions I go. Have an amazing weekend!

  3. Oh you are so very sweet!! I hope you enjoy the book! It was my pleasure to send you the book. Have a fab weekend!

  4. I read that book series years ago and I couldn't put it down either! It's crazy it is already December! Time is flying by so fast. Have a great weekend!