Monday, October 3, 2016

October Has Arrived!

In just 18 days I will be in Nashville to celebrate my birthday & in just 20 days I'll be turning 28!

Friday was a long, long day.  I subbed in an 8th grade science class from 8:30-4:30 & then worked at my serving job from 5-11.  So that's really all I have to say about that ha.  I really enjoyed working with the 8th graders.  And, despite not being a science teacher, I actually knew how to do what they were doing & since they had just started learning it the day before I actually got to help them with their work/teach them.  My night job was sort of a bust.  I mean I left with $75 after tip outs, which isn't terrible, but I know for a fact it could've been better.  If a)I had just kept my spot upstairs instead of switching to downstairs or b)I had had more than my party.  I had one table early on in the night, then my section was dead, & then I got a huge birthday party.  Don't get my wrong they were super nice, & tipped me well, but because I pretty much had to focus on them all night I had to surrender some of my other tables to other servers.  Then, 3 of us got cut early so I missed out on any tables that came in from 11-2.  Between subbing & serving I made out pretty good for the day though & I got to sleep earlier than I thought I would.

I slept in for a bit & then finally decided to get random things done.  I finally got my hotel booked for my Nashville trip in a few weeks.  Originally we were going to use airbnb but because I procrastinated the affordable ones were gone.  The hotel is actually cheaper than the airbnb would've have been plus I got 2 more nights towards a free stay from as well as swagbucks.  I still have no idea what I scraped the inside of my leg on but when I went to make coffee I scrapped my leg, knew it kind of hurt but didn't think anything of it until it felt wet & realized I was dripping blood.  Making coffee got put off until after I got the bleeding to stop & made a Target run for band-aids & peroxide.  After I returned I caught up on blogs from Friday, painted my nails, & got some posts ready.  I headed into work a little early so that I could eat.  While I waited to clock in I ate some loaded tator tots, played candy crush, & watched some college football.  Work was steady the entire night but not overwhelming.  I stayed on until close at 2 & then finally left around 3 after all of the cleaning was done.

Sunday morning was a struggle.  I had so many things I wanted/needed to get done but I was so exhausted from working so late the night before.  I finally got out of bed & ran to the store to get groceries for the week.  I don't know why I ever think it's a good idea to go grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon.  I got stabbier there than I do in traffic.  Once I finally got back home I made up some hamburger helper & started working on my annotated bibliography for an assignment.  I had to work at 4 so I didn't really get a whole lot accomplished because I stayed in bed for too long & then grocery shopping took forever.  Work was fairly slow but I still made decent money considering that I had a lot of down time.  I had intended on subbing today but had to cancel because they kept me on far later than necessary.  Between not getting home until 11:30-midnight & having to finish the bibliography, there was no way I could have subbed today.  Especially because I serve tonight.  6 hours of sleep or less is not good for finishing assignments, spending 8 hours with 3rd graders, or working 12+ hour days.


  1. Oh my gosh I hate grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons. It is SO BUSY. Anytime I do that I always wonder what I was thinking haha

  2. Sunday afternoons are the worse day to go food shopping. It's even worse when the New England Patriots play. I find myself going on Monday nights, it's usually better but not always.

  3. 20 days til sweet b-day girl in da house!!!!!! Yay!! Ya know, sometimes lazy stay in bed Sunday's are warranted!!! ;-)

    1. They are definitely a necessity from time to time!

  4. When are you headed to nashville? we're going in a few weeks as well! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Your Friday sounds crazy! Working two jobs back to back like that is hard. I hate going shopping on Sundays, but sometimes I have to!

  6. Eek! So exciting it's your birthday month!! Fun times! You're going to have a blast in Nashville. And holy crap your Friday sounds crazy! Hope you have a good week! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. Grocery shopping on Sunday is annoying. It's busy and crowded in a sloooow way. People inching along and having family reunions in the middles of aisles. UGH.