Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pimp My Social Media

Before I get into what this post is actually about, I have an interview this afternoon for a new job so if y'all could cross your fingers and say a little prayer I'd really appreciate it.

Moving on...

I have a shit ton of social media accounts.  That's right, a shit ton.  Some are run better than others for sure.  One of my running goals is to get better at using each of them in a more effective & efficient way.  At some point I need to sit down & write out actual goals for each account (some go together) & then begin to act on them.  Because I already have a long to do list for this weekend (I'm writing this early), & will be spending Thursday-Sunday back in Minnesota with wedding stuff (not mine!), I am hoping to start that process after I return on Monday.  For now though, I thought I'd start with pimping them all out to you.  Some accounts belong together however, I'm just going to give them to you based on social media type.


North Star Girl Lone Star World: This one obviously.  I've had this blog for 6.5 years now & that is insane to me.  It started out so differently than it is now, & actually started out as "My Life As..."  I still don't know exactly what direction I want it to take, but it's so much closer to it now than it was when I started.

Country Music Hipsters: My friend Alicia & I started this blog this summer.  This one still has a long way to go.  As of right now there are only 2 consistent posts a week & they aren't the ones that require a whole lot of actual thought.  We have a few posts where we review songs, concerts, albums, artists, but I would like it to eventually have way more of that.  Currently our only 2 guaranteed posts each week are a list of upcoming concerts on Mondays & a playlist of new songs by new artists on Tuesdays.


The one for North Star Girl Lone Star World: This is the one that needs the most work.  I'm going to be completely honest here.  I only set this one up in the beginning so that I could enter giveaways from other blogs & didn't want to clog up my personal twitter.  However, I want to actually start utilizing it for my blog, other than the auto tweets of my blog posts.  So on Friday when I woke up before my alarm, I laid in bed & unfollowed HUNDREDS of people.  I was following almost 400 people.  I wound up getting rid of anyone that either a)didn't live in Texas or b)I don't follow their blog.  Now that it's not so overwhelming with a feed full of stuff I don't actually care about, I can actually start interacting with others.

The one for grad school (Communications major): I'm not sure what I'd like out of this one, if anything.  It was required for one of my classes to set up a Google & Twitter account.  I obviously have multiples of these, & almost used one I already have, but in the end decided that this one would either exist simply for the purpose of class or could potentially wind up being a networking tool for my future career.  Because of the second part, I didn't want it attached to anything else because I wanted it to be as professional as possible.

The one for Country Music Hipsters: Much like the blog, this one needs some work.  For awhile over the summer I was using it to also tweet lyrics & occasionally communicate with artists, right now it basically just pimps out our posts from the blog.

The personal one: This one gets far more use than any of my other Twitter accounts, & I actually use it a whole lot less than I used to.  This account has allowed me to meet amazing people from around the country due to similar music tastes, it has allowed me to actually meet music artists & even do work for one at a show, it has allowed me to vent, it has allowed me to win free stuff.  This one will always be my baby & there's no doubt about that, but I would like to get my other ones more on this level.


The personal one: I've had this one since 2012 & it's exactly what it is, it's my personal IG account.  There's a 99.9% chance I'll never create one for North Star Girl Lone Star World because it would include the same photos as this one.

Food Fun Fort Worth: Sarah actually is the one that convinced me to create this one.  I had been thinking about creating an IG account to keep track of all of the places I eat & fun things I do since I had been feeling like I hadn't fully taken advantage of my first year in Fort Worth.  Then she had a post about her IG account Dallas Love List & I knew I had to do it.  I only just started this one, & have so many more things that I want to do, so I'm hoping to continue growing it.

Country Music Hipsters: This one like the CMH Twitter, is pretty much just used to pimp out posts on the blog.  I think I'm ok with that actually.  As soon as we have more posts, the photos will be more extensive.


I don't snapchat near as much as I used to, & I can 99.9% guarantee I'll never create a SC for anything other than my own personal use.  But if you do wish to follow me, my account is nrthmeetssouthe


I do have a personal FB account but for now, & probably forever, that will stay private.  I have it simply so that I can keep up with friends & family.  Someday I may or may not create a page for North Star Girl Lone Star World or maybe for Food Fun Fort Worth.  But for now it's just my private account & then a page for Country Music Hipsters.

I am 100% open to tips & suggestions on any & all of these accounts.  What has worked for you?  How do you manage having multiple accounts, or even just one?


  1. Currently I just have Facebook, and like you, I only use it to communicate with some family and other people. I tried Twitter again earlier this year, but it seems like people are writing fewer original thoughts/tweets anymore, they just post links to stuff on their Instagram or blog.

  2. Good luck with your job interview!!!! :) I don't know how in the world you keep up with so many accounts haha... I've never made a FB page for my blog because I just don't see a need. And same with Snapchat, I really just use it for my few close friends and not for blog promoting or anything. It's hard to keep up as is!!