Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Humpday Confessions - WeFest Style

**Every year for the past few years I've claimed that that WeFest would be my last...I was wrong**

**Now that I will no longer be teaching, I don't have to turn around drive the 1100-1300 miles back to Texas Monday morning after spending 4-5 days drinking & staying up late**
(How I'd feel most of the drive to Texas when I had to leave Monday morning)

**The only reason I agreed to go back to WeFest this year was because Eric Church is headlining**

**I have gotten to be in VIP 2 separate years**

**WeFest is always bittersweet because I look forward to it all year but it also signifies the end of summer**

**Each year I like attending the shows less (because of artist selection,) & just hanging out at the campsites more**

**Even though I haven't stopped going to WeFest since 2009 (with the exception of 1 year) the group that I first went with hasn't been since 2011-2012, we've all agreed to go next year**

**I've reached an age where I finally know my limits, naps happen**


  1. Eric Church? Yes please!!!

  2. Yep, I'd be there too, Eric Church is soooooo good!!

  3. I will totally nap if I know we have something in the evening. I don't want to be bitchy or that person that wants to leave at my old person bedtime.