Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Secrets Are Lies

**I'm sad that this is potentially the final season of Nashville**

**I keep going back & forth when it comes to potentially moving in with Mr. Midwest in August.  I want to move forward with a boy but I've also essentially been single & lived alone my entire adult life & changing that is scary**

**When my cursor decides to just jump to wherever it wants when I'm typing I get a little stabby**

**I both want & don't want this school year to end**

**I scheduled myself an hour & a half massage for the day after school gets out because I deserve it**

**I am in desperate need of a manicure & pedicure**

**I still have almost nothing packed & I start moving stuff in 2 days**


  1. Ooo you should get a mani and pedi the same day as your massage!!

  2. i'm hankering for a massage too. so much. i'm thinking of finding a groupon one before we leave for cheapness, then splurging after Germany.

    I think you're overly stressing about packing. Pack whatever you need for MN in your suitcase or put it aside in a room, then everything else gets packed up. That way, something you need doesn't get packed. That's what I did when I left Bahrain and it made it super easy rather than having to remember to not pack stuff. Also, the living room is empty, that seems like a good room to "live" in until you're done packing, lol.

  3. Yay for getting a massage after the school year is over! I know how you feel about having nothing packed! I'm so over packing already, and I've barely started. :)

  4. You do deserve a massage! Mani & Pedi the same day, just because you can. I never actually packed anything when I moved, I just threw it all in my car and hoped for the best. Probably not the most sound life choice. Don't take moving advice from me!

    Em, My Favorite Day

  5. UGH my cursor does that on my laptop all the time when I'm typing! So I'll be typing a blog post or something, and then I look up and it's moved and I'm typing in the middle of a different sentence (or word) and I have to fix it. So so annoying!!!

  6. ooo i'm in for a much needed massage; thanks for the reminder!

  7. I've been gone so long not only is there a boy but you may be moving in! Love that! Change really is hard but it can be so great as well!