Monday, May 23, 2016

Moving Madness

Friday night was my last night in my apartment.  It was a bittersweet (mostly sweet) moment.  Let's be honest, all year I've spent as little time there as possible & it never really felt like home.  

I had a half day at work on Friday.  I had an interview that afternoon & I honestly have no idea how it went.  There were certain parts that I felt like I rocked, & certain people that I felt like I won over, & other parts where I was sure they were sitting there thinking "this girl is full of shit."  It probably didn't help that that morning I had applied for a job that last year I had applied for, interviewed for, & came in 2nd for.  I want that job & it's available again.  So while I need a job, & the one I interviewed for would be a great job, I couldn't help but really want the other one.

After the interview I had planned on packing a few things so that I could put them into storage when I went to go get the unit later that day.  That didn't happen.  What did happen was a nap, followed by me getting the keys to the storage unit, & then stuffing my fave with Chipotle for the first time in a really long time.  I planned to get some packing in when I got home that night but that didn't happen either.  All of my boxes were at the back of the closet & I just didn't want to dig.  Instead I cleaned up my room, finally put away laundry that had been in baskets for weeks, & then messed around on the computer before deciding to go to bed.

Moving.  A lot of moving.  I sent out thank you cards for the interview that I had on Friday & then headed off to the auto body shop so that I could get a couple of tires put on my car.  That was supposed to take like 20 minutes so I was just going to wait there & then drive back to my place to meet Mr. Midwest so we could go get a rental truck & then move my bed into storage.  What actually happened was that they also needed to do an alignment & fix my front brakes.  I knew both would need to be done fairly soon I just hadn't really planned on doing it that day.  I suppose it's better to have it fixed now rather than have something go wrong while I'm driving back to MN in a couple of weeks.  The people there were really great, since a lot of it hadn't been planned, they saved me money by not charging me for labor on certain parts & not charging me for the tires they put on. (they did take the 2 from my trunk that I had planned to put on)  Before I had Mr. Midwest come get me there, the guy behind the counter was even going to give me some money & the keys to his truck so that I could go get breakfast for him & myself.  After Mr. Midwest & I got the truck & loaded up my bed, I made sure to stop at Whataburger & drop off some breakfast for the guy behind the counter.  After the bed got put into storage I told Mr. Midwest that he could go back home since he had work to do & that I would take care of the rest myself.  I spent the rest of the day packing stuff up.  A little before 2 my car was done so I went to go pay for the repairs & then took my stuff up to storage.  When I got back I had to take an Uber to go pick my car up.  At that point I was so tired that I just didn't want to do anymore moving so I headed down to Mr. Midwest's.

I planned on going to Toyota Fest around 2 so I could see Breelan Angel, Chase Bryant, & most importantly Kip Moore.  I went to return the truck in the morning & since I was by my apartment I decided to pack up more & bring it up to storage.  I got done with that about 1:30.  At that point I was exhausted.  I really could have still gone up there to see Kip Moore at 5, but in the end I decided that with the traffic, a 2.5-3 hour round trip drive wasn't worth an hour of music when I was already tired.  So instead I spent the rest of the day/night watching TV & Netflix.

Moving is going to be the death of me.
Luckily I'm not at work today.  However, that means I'll be spending the majority of it finishing up the packing & cleaning the apartment so I can be done with it.


  1. Hope the interview went well. I totally hate moving, hope packing goes well today.

  2. Ugh moving is so much work! But totally worth it in the end! Oh man I would've loved to seen Kip Moore but I probably would've done exactly the same thing you did after all that work you did this weekend girlie! Have a great week, I hope it all goes smoothly

    1. I was so bummed because he's so good in concert. In the end I've already seen him probably a half dozen times so resting sounded better.

  3. Oh gosh moving is just the worst...I haven't done it in a while and I'm dreading the next time we have to do it! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I hate moving so much. Fingers crossed you get the job you really want!

  5. It's so tough figuring out how an interview went but I'm sure you nailed it. And moving is seriously the worst. I hope you got everything else you needed to done today!

  6. We moved all weekend too! We had the day off today to unpack and organize and I swear it will take me forever haha!

  7. Preachin' to the choir about moving. I swear I better not move for another 5-10 years. I mean, I did commit with buying a house, but principle. I'm so over moving.. We've also had a super busy calendar and all I've wanted to do is sit at HOME and get shit taken care of... UGH. 3 days till vacation.