Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sh*t My Students Say Vol. 15

Student 1: Miss do you work out?
Me: No but I need to.
Student 1: Oh you look like you do.
Me: Well thank you.  January 1 I'm starting...
Student 2: Uh huh...that's what they all say...
Student 3: Yet another failed New Year's resolution...

Me: What did you do over break?
Student: I went to Colorado to see my cousins
Me: Oh that's cool I love Colorado!
Student: There's snow everywhere & they like punch wolves & stuff like that guy from taken!

Student 1: Miss you sound just like Student 2's mom
Student 2: She's so white
S1: Every time I see her she's all "Hey girl!"
S2: Or "I literally cannot even deal with you 2 right now"

Student: Miss I love your hair!
Me: Thanks!
Student: It's so festive!

Student 1: Miss you look so pretty in your dress
Me: Thank you
Student 2: Yeah, you look like a real girl!


  1. Haha!! I love it.
    I used to teach in the inner city. & my first graders would just say whatever was on their mind!
    You need to keep a journal of all the crazy stuff that they say or that happens! I wish i would have done that lol

  2. I used to get the "you look like a girl" all the time! Now that I wear dresses pretty consistently to work, it happen much less. I've also been told I "clean up well" since usually people are lucky to see me in something more than gym pants/jeans. In college/HS I actually wore pajamas all the time. Comfort was key, although being told I looked homeless once stuck with me and started to make a difference a few years later.