Thursday, January 28, 2016

101 In 1001 7 Month Check In

6. Project 365 2016
So far so good.  You can follow along with my on Instagram (briannemcc)

13. Kiss someone every year on NYE
I talked about this Tuesday but I think I'm going to count it & change it to spend NYE with a S/O every year because I'm just too old to see midnight sometimes.

17. Save change for 1001 days
In progress

21. Try 101 new bars/restaurants
Bosses Pizza - Lake Worth, TX

Rosa's Cafe - Lake Worth, TX

46. Renew passport

89. Document music taste over a year
I started keeping track of my top 25 played on iTunes

100. Go on a date once a month - Mr. Midwest & I went to a Wild vs Stars hockey game
He wasn't so amused that the Stars lost but I was beyond happy that the Wild won!


  1. I think this is the first picture you shared of your man! He is quite cute!

  2. hahahaha he definitely doesn't look amused. and i feel you on staying up till midnight, spending it with someone is good enough!

  3. Hello cutie pies!!! We go to Notre Dame hockey games all the time and I absolutely love them, I have a friend whose son plays, such a good time and such a great place for a date with your hottie! ;-)

    1. Thank you! Hockey games really are a lot of fun!