Monday, October 19, 2015

If You're Not First You're Last

Friday after work I went home & took a nap before getting ready to go out later.  At around 7 I left so I could head out to Mr. Midwest for supper.  We went to this really cool bar/restaurant.  We sat out on the patio where a guy was playing acoustic covers of old country.  I was in love.  He didn't play the whole time we were there because a band came in to play inside the restaurant.  We sat outside eating, talking, & watching the Royals game.  After a couple hours there we went to his place & started watching The Walking Dead from the beginning of the series.  We stayed up for a few more hours talking & watching TWD before passing out.

Saturday morning when we woke up Mr. Midwest went into work for a couple of hours while I went home so that I could shower & change before meeting up with him again so we could head over to Dallas to meet up with my friends for the state fair.  Unfortunately life doesn't always go according to plan & because he's the project coordinator he had to stay at work because they had an emergency.  He was supposed to be there for about an hour & a half but instead was there the entire day/evening.  So I headed over to Dallas myself to meet up with my friends.  

On my way there I got a speeding ticket which royally pissed me off.  I'm not going to lie...I was speeding.  I was going 5-10 over because I'm still not entirely sure what the speed limit is in that area.  However, he supposedly clocked me going 5 mph faster than I know I was going...  Also, it's an 8 lane highway, there were people going faster than me in the lanes to my left & right.  So I'm fairly certain he clocked one of them & then just picked me to pull over.

Once I safely arrived at my friends' place 6 of us headed out to catch the train to the fair.  This is the second time I've ever been to the Texas State Fair.  I love fairs in general.  I'm also from Minnesota which no lie has the #1 state fair in the nation.  I wish I remembered what article I read that in.  #2 is Texas.  And let me tell you friends, in the words of Ricky Bobby, "If you're not first, you're last."  I do not love the TX State Fair.  I think it flows weird, as in doesn't.  I think their food options are mediocre compared to Minnesota.  I also don't like that they don't really tell you where anything is.  It was still a pretty fun time.  Nothing spectacular but I didn't have a shitty time or anything.  I had a funnel cake ale, fried pecan pie, chili cheese nachos, & a lemonade.  So I mean I guess the TX fair is friendlier to my wallet & waistline than MN would have been.

After the fair 4 of us went to meet up with some other people at a bar for a little while before all heading home.  I was asleep almost as soon as I hit the bed...which was only like 9:30.

I was SO productive.  Disclaimer, my room is not normally that messy.  I watched part of the Jets v Redskins game on  TV but only because we get exactly 1 channel at my apartment & that's the game they were playing.  I got bitter about the fact that the Vikings v Chiefs game wasn't on so I went to Walmart in search of a cube organizer because I had found one online that I liked.  They didn't have it but I could have it sent to the store same day so while there I ordered that & then got some groceries.  Once I was home I got an email saying that unfortunately they wouldn't be able to get it to the store today but would have it in 3-6 days.  Umm no.  I want my shelf today damnit.  So I cancelled that order & went to Target.  I got my shelf as well as a few cube baskets, a shirt because Target, & a present for my cousin's youngest.  I put that shelf together like a boss while eating pizza rolls, sans wine this time.  Once that was put together & in my room that meant I obviously had to finish unpacking & put shit on the shelves which is why my room looks like a shit show in that top left picture.  While dragging that out all day I also hung up clothes in my closet from the other day, washed/dried/put away a second load of clothes, changed the sheets on my bed, & washed the old ones.  I had planned on watching the half dozen episodes of shows I need to catch up on but I'm so glad I did this instead.  Now if I won't mind having anyone over.  It took me exactly 5 weeks to unpack all of my shit & make my room look like I actually live here.  That my friends is pathetic.  #47WeeksUntilIMoveAgain

4 days until my 27th birthday!


  1. Nap before going out is totally acceptable. Your room looks great! Lots of work obviously you got done!

  2. That stinks about the speeding ticket. Can you appeal it? Your room looks great!! It took me some time to unpack all my boxes when I moved. To be honest, I had one box I left unpacked for over a year. I had it hidden in the back of my closet and totally forgot about it. Oops, good thing it had nothing in important in it.

  3. YAY for unpacking and Mr. Midwest and naps and saved calories ANNDD ALMOST BIRTHDAY!
    Although now I really want fried oreos. Dammit.

  4. oh my gosh, sucks about the speeding ticket, especially if people around you were speeding more. it's so infuriating. what really annoys me is when there are no speed limit signs, how am i supposed to know?!

  5. I would totally try and fight the ticket. Hey a state fair is still a state fair and yummy food!

  6. The state fair sounds really fun and lots of good food!