Monday, October 26, 2015

And Just Like That I Turned 27

Friday morning I headed off to the airport for a 9 am flight to Chicago.  Because of the rain we wound up sitting on the tarmac for almost an hour because they couldn't finish loading the bags.  I finally arrived in Chicago a little after noon, picked up my rental car, & then checked into my hotel.  My friends were already at Joe's on Weed Street when I got in so I quick changed & got ready at the hotel before taking an Uber over to the bar.  The 5 of us sat there drinking & eating until it was time to line up for VIP.  5 more joined us as well.  The majority of us all met on Twitter because of Kip Moore.  VIP included a meet & greet (story below) & an acoustic set.  After VIP there was some time before the concert.  Joey Hyde & Michael Ray opened for Kip.  For the actual concert half of us stood back by the bar because being able to move is better than being a sardine.  Also, it's a small venue so you can still see & hear just fine.  After the concert we all sort of got separated so my birthday buddy & I went out for breakfast & then the 5 of us that were staying at the same hotel all met up back there before going to bed at like 3 am.

I was actually scared to look at this picture when I found it online.  It's not awesome but it's not near as bad as I thought it would be based on how this interaction went down.  Keep in mind I wasn't drunk but I had a good buzz because I'd been drinking for a couple of hours.

Me: Hey what's up!?
Kip: Hey!
*picture being taken...not quite sure if I'm even looking in the right spot or when it's been taken because no one says anything*
*I start to walk away because they told us it was just a quick picture & nothing else*
Kip: *with an amused look on his face & his arm still around me* Hey! Are you excited for tonight?!"
Me: Yep! *walks away*

I am awkward as hell my friends.  So obviously I now need to try to make it to VIP when he's here in Fort Worth in November to rectify that.

I was kicking myself in the morning/all day for not booking the 9:30 am flight.  Back when I booked my flight I didn't know how I'd be feeling in the morning so I booked the only other available flight... 8 pm.  I should've known I would've been just fine.  I always wake up early, even if I've been drinking.  All of the girls that weren't staying at our hotel had early flights so they were gone.  My friend K & her cousin (my birthday buddy) had plans to meet up with their other cousin that day & since all 3 of them live in different states I decided I didn't want to intrude so I spent the day doing my own thing.  It was pouring rain so walking around Chicago was out of the question.  

I aimed for the Brookfield Zoo & hoped that either by the time I got to the suburbs it wouldn't be raining anymore or I'd be able to find a place there with an actual parking lot to hang out for awhile.  Luckily, when I got there it had stopped raining so I wandered around the zoo for about an hour & a half.  It was the first time I got to see colored leaves in like 4 years.  

After the zoo I was starving.  I went to go to Portillo's but the one by the zoo had something going on in the parking lot where it seemed like no one was going in & there was a long long line to the drive through with workers outside taking orders.  I wasn't having any of that & still had a ton of time to kill so I drove to another suburb to get my hot dog.  It was actually the exact same one I ate at in June when I went on my  road trip.  I wound up napping in my car for about an hour in the parking lot after eating & then went to Starbucks, got some coffee, & hung out there for a bit before heading back to the airport.  I got to the airport about 2 hours before my flight so I could return my car & just be there.  I was so exhausted that for the first time ever I slept on the plane.  It wasn't a constant dead sleep but I definitely slept some.  I got home around midnight & passed out the second my head hit the pillow.


Mr. Midwest is no more.  (I'm blue he's yellow btw)  After a whopping 2.5 weeks we're not talking anymore.  I don't even know how I feel about it.  I mean obviously it hadn't been that long so it's kinda whatever.  However, I liked him & I'm also really sick & tired of guys telling me how great I am & that they love spending time with me & all that shit only to disappear.  Granted this one told me but only because I kept asking him to hang out.  His last message also makes me think that he wasn't actually busy with work all last week but looking at other options which royally pisses me off since he said "I'm not blowing you off" "You're amazing" "I feel really terrible about this" & was the one who was always initiating contact with me.  Whatever.  I'm also torn on where I want to go with dating at this point.  I don't really want to give up but I'm also tired of the same shit happening.  Either a guy really likes me & I don't feel anything or I like a guy, they continue to tell me the sweetest things & then just disappear without a trace.  I really feel like I'm just wasting my time while at the same time knowing if I don't put myself out there I also won't meet anyone.

So basically my Sunday consisted of catching up on TV shows, finally asking him if he was free since he had told me he would let me know & hadn't said anything by almost 3 when the above happened, bitching about guys to my friends, & being slightly productive by buying enough food for today & showering.  Go me & yay for 27!


  1. I've honestly slightly given up on dating. I know the right guy will come at the right time, but I feel how you do... that there's just no point in really trying right now. Nothing seems to go my way! #rantover

    Happy birthday, love!!

  2. Happy birthday, blog friend!! Forget the guy in yellow. Clearly a. Idiot.

  3. happy birthday!!!!

    also, that guy did the right thing and was honest. you have to appreciate that since most guys would have just ignored the situation or been a total dick!

  4. I give Dude points for being honest.. but still, maybe something last week about figuring things out instead of leading you on would have been nice.

    I'm a little jealous of the Kip Moore concert. I'd have loved that.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who wakes up early the morning after drinking. I just want to sleep in and my body is like NOPE THIS IS YOUR PUNISHMENT.

  5. happy belated birthday!
    ugh that sucks about the guy but at least he was honest!