Monday, August 24, 2015

The Official End To Summer

While I technically started back to work on the 12th, today is the official end to summer.  Today the kids come back.  Today school kicks off in full swing.  Today freedom is put on hold for the next 41 weeks.  Don't worry I won't actually start the countdown now.  So here's how I spent my final weekend of summer...

Friday was just a teacher work day.  It was also the day that Kip Moore's 2nd album came out.  I had pre-ordered it so I downloaded it the night before & then listened to it the whole way to work, the entire time I was at work, & the entire drive home from work.  For those of you that don't have it yet...why?  I spent the day putting my classroom together & "wasting time" with a couple of the coaches/teachers in my department.  It started with lunch, which led to a couple bank errands, which led to a Staples & Walmart run for school supplies, which wound up meaning we were out of the building for 2.5 hours... oops.  After work I made the drive back to Dallas (this coming Friday will hopefully be my last Dallas to Fort Worth commute) & then went to a get together with some of Mr. & Mrs. Hipster's friends.  We just ate pizza & junk food (that stops today) & played games all night.

I started my day off with a scheduled pedicure & last minute added in a basic manicure because I decided I was too lazy to attempt to take off my chipped glitter nail polish.  So now I have pretty pink toes & fingernails.  Afterwards I drove the hour to my school so I could finish cleaning up/setting up my classroom.  It's still not the best but it will get me started.  I at least have some posters up, the start of a "Believe" wall that the kids are actually going to make, & the first 2 months of birthdays written on the birthday calendar.  Side note on that, I have 139 students and FIVE of them have the same birthday, not one of them is related...  I left work around 2 so that I could get back to Dallas in time to go to a movie with Mr. & Mrs. Hipster as well as someone she works with.  We saw Straight Outta Compten.  I really liked it.  I've also been listening to NWA Pandora ever since because hardcore over here... for real though in HS one of my friends & I would drive around rappin Eazy E ha.  We just hung around the house after the movie & I got some lesson planning done.  Lesson planning has been its own stresser but I'll do a school related post on Wednesday & talk about it then.

I started my morning with coffee, the TV, & the computer...all alone because The Hipsters were at church...which was kind of nice.  The TV didn't last long because the "country" music on CMT & GAC sucked & I couldn't get into Say Yes To The Dress.  So instead I just turned NWA Pandora back on while I caught up on blogs (I'm really sorry that I've been so behind on reading blogs & responding to comments in for about a month now.)  When they finished with church I met them & a couple of others for lunch.  Despite it being lunch time I had amazing breakfast burritos.  I also finally booked my flight & hotel for a concert I'm going to in Chicago on my birthday.  I did it through swagbucks so yay for a shit ton of points!  After running errands we all just relaxed around the house drinking all the beer because starting Tuesday they are starting a eating program that doesn't allow alcohol so obviously we had to get it out of the house ha.


  1. I really need a pedicure! Like stat. Also its ok that you are behind on blogs - happens to the best of us :) Have a great back to school week!

  2. How fun that you are going to Chicago for your bday! I'm jealous.

  3. I like your polish color! What's it called??

  4. i'm in such need for a pedi but way too cheap to dole out the cash for one! i suppose i could do it myself but .... lazy :s

  5. I need a pedi big time! I'm going to try to put that on the agenda for this coming weekend! SO awesome about Chicago (and the swagbucks points!) When are you going???

  6. Such a fun color, this reminds me how badly I need a pedicure.

  7. There's something about getting your nails done that's makes you feel just a little bit better, doesn't it? Yay for swagbucks!

    Making that rule would be what would motivate me to drink more, lol. I don't drink it when it's in the house. /shrug.

    Yay for good weekends. I've really been wanting a pedi lately, but I don't own nail polish remover so I'd either have to purchase some or go back and get another pedi to get it removed. And NOT getting painted toes is NOT an option, of course. :)

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