Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Year Chaos

The start of the school year is always chaotic.  It doesn't help that for the past couple of years I get back to Texas the day before I have to report to work.  I actually had a meeting the day I arrived back to Texas this year (Tuesday) & don't really have a place to live making things even more chaotic.  I mean, I have 2 places to stay but nowhere that is really mine for another month.  Because of all of that blogging as definitely taken a backseat.  I love pre-WeFest Bri for having posts set up all the way through yesterday so I wouldn't have to think about it.  I had planned on today being a recap of WeFest but because things are so chaotic right now you instead get random Thursday Thoughts.  The recap will be next week after I have 2 seconds to sit down & breathe.

**The people I've met so far at my new job are really awesome & that makes me super happy**

**Not having a place to call my own until September 12th is stressing me out more than it should**

**Staying with people for an extended period of time makes me feel in the way**

**Super excited to have a roommate who seems great, but also a little nervous since I haven't had one in 3 years**

**I am forever grateful that my Mr & Mrs. Hipster are letting me crash in a spare bedroom for 2.5 weeks, & then new roommate (who I have met once) is letting me share her 1 br apt for 2 weeks until we're able to move into our 2 br**

**I got an iPad for my new job & I felt like a kid on Christmas because I've never had any type of tablet before**

**I decided to start online dating again...I was going to wait until November-ish so that I had more time to settle in & figure shit out on my own but then I figured, what the hell I haven't been on a date in forever & I might as well meet people in my area**

**Even though it's going to take over my life I'm excited to be coaching...because I feel like the other coaches almost become an automatic set of friends because you're with each other so much**

**I'm torn between being a good blogger friend & catching up on all of your blogs dating back to Aug 4th and saying "fuck it" because it overwhelms me...**


  1. Glad people at the new job are great so far and I totally understand why not having a new place of your own would stress you right now.

    Say fuck it - mark all as read and start tomorrow a fresh. Trust me on that one.

  2. Keep us posted on online dating! (I would do the same thing, seriously!)
    And girl, mark all as read and start fresh. haha.

  3. YAY online dating stories!!! I can't even waittttttt to hear yours!
    I hate feeling like a burden on other people, but the last month of my final semester of my junior year in college, I had to live with Teh WJL. Since she already had a roommate, we shared her bedroom. It was super cramped and I love her, but it was tough sometimes. I tell myself that a roommate would save me sooo much dollas!! but then I realize I'm a slob and never wash the dishes, so it's best that I just live alone, lol.
    August 4th? Meh fuck it.. or just skip through all the ones that are boring.

  4. I would feel in the way crashing with others too - having my own space is important to me! It'll fly by for you I hope.

    I love online dating stories.

  5. Say fuck it!!! I've instituted a rule, if it's over 2 weeks old I mark it as read, unless it's something that truly catches my eye and I want to read it. A lot of people I follow post daily. I'm sorry but I just don't have time for that.

  6. Staying at other peoples houses are so tough. I get up so early I always feel like I am going to disturb them. Glad your new co-workers are nice!