Monday, August 31, 2015

Leave Dallas In The Dust

I had every intention of going home directly after work & sleeping because I was so exhausted.  I hadn't gotten home until 2 am that morning because I was on a date with a boy who lives about 2 hours from where I'm staying (I'll talk about it at some soon as I figure out where, if anywhere, it's going)  One of the football coaches asked if I was going to the game that night & I said no because I was still living over in Dallas.  But then, my friend KState said she'd go if I went, turns out she already lives in the apartment complex I'm moving into.  So, after work we went to Walmart so I could buy a non-school shirt for happy hour & she could buy a school shirt for the football game.  After Walmart we hung out at her place for a bit before heading out to happy hour.  After happy hour we headed to the football game, we arrived late & left a little before the end but I'm pretty sure based on what the score was when we left that we lost.  We were trying to decide if we should be grown ups & just go home & go to bed or if we should go out.  Going out won.  We went to a couple different places & only had a beer at each so I guess we adulted pretty well.  We spent most of our time trying to find bars to go to because neither of us is originally from the area.  I didn't get home until 2 am again because Fort Worth is about an hour from Dallas so I promptly passed out.  #TooOldFor2AM

I slept until 10 am on Saturday & then headed to Whataburger for breakfast with Mrs. Hipster.  We got there with like 10-15 minutes to spare on breakfast, ordered breakfast to go, waited, only to find out that they put a burger in my bag... I was devastated.  I even tweeted Whataburger about it...they never responded.  After Whataburger I napped because again #TooOldToBeOutLate  I didn't do anything but lounge around all day.  I finally read blogs from Thursday & Friday while waiting to head out for a football game.  Months ago when I found out that the Vikings would be playing the Cowboys for preseason in Dallas while I was down there I looked up tickets.  The shitty seats were $65!  I looked around and found Seat Geek I got the exact same tickets on there for like $9-10 after the fees.  When we actually got our tickets it said they were valued at $79 so score for saving $70/ticket!  The Vikings won which made the experience even better.  They are now 3-0 in preseason which doesn't mean squat but it still makes me happy.   Still tired from the previous 2 nights I went to bed pretty much right when we all got home.

Aaron Watson - For What It's Worth

In the morning we all had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast before being individually productive.  Mrs. Hipster cleaned the house & graded while Mr. Hipster worked on lesson planning & I worked on repacking all of my stuff so that I could move over to New Roommate's 1 br apartment in Fort Worth which I'll be sharing with her & her boyfriend for 1-2 weeks until ours is ready on the 12th.  It's getting so close!  Just 12 more days & I can stop feeling like I'm in the way!  I hung out at Mr. & Mrs. Hipster's packing up & blogging for awhile before heading over to put more stuff in storage & then to New Roommate's place.  When I got to New Roommate's her boyfriend, she, & I watched Dumb & Dumber To.  Then, those 2 went for a bike ride & I started watching Wet Hit American Summer.  While doing so I started messing around on Tinder where I came across her boyfriend.  Y'all I have met her ONCE before Sunday & had only met h moi 2 hours prior so if anyone has any advice... I also messaged Thursday Date Boy (he'll get a better name if he sticks around) wondering if he wanted to see me again & spent the entire day wanting to throw up because putting yourself out there is scary & I knew he was with his kid (apparently guys with kids have a thing for me ha) so I tried to calm the eff down knowing he wouldn't necessarily be able to reply until late that night or even another day.  (For the record as of 9 pm Sunday he hasn't said anything.  I figure if he doesn't say anything by Monday afternoon I'll say something Monday night or Tuesday during the day.  If that's met by silence I'm out because I will not chase a man)


  1. Oh yes to chocolate chip pancakes!!!

  2. That is cool she lives in the building you are moving into. Yes, to chocolate chip pancakes!! Agree about not chasing a man!

  3. WHHHHATTTTT? no wai he's on Tinder.. maybe it's a new relationship? Have you asked how they know each other? Maybe THEY met on Tinder? I'd totally tell her I saw his profile on Tinder. If it's not dealt with now, it will probably come up down the road and you're the one that is going to have to deal with that drama llama. Ok, maybe I'd wait till you're in the new place and can shut her in her room.

    Boo to no response. I got super frustrated when people wouldn't reply. The worst was when I'd see them online in other places (FB/POF) and they couldn't find the time to respond to my simple text? Beeches please. I'm with you on not chasing!!!

  4. Good for you for putting yourself out there! It takes courage, that's for sure.

  5. Nice!!! Never heard of Seat Geek but that's a good deal you found. Sounds like you had a busy busy weekend!