Monday, August 17, 2015

Back Down South

Friday was my last day of new teacher orientation meetings.  #ThankGod  (of course this whole week is staff development...)  I am currently staying with friends an hour to an hour & a half away from where I work depending on the time of day so after NTO was over I decided to hang out at Starbucks for a couple of hours rather than driving to Dallas only to have to immediately turn around & drive back to Fort Worth for another school event.  Because I am coaching this year it was mandatory that I attend Meet the Bullfrogs night.  The band & cheerleaders performed, food was served, & the band, cheerleaders, volleyball, cross country, & football teams were introduced to teachers, coaches, parents, & community members.  It didn't last as long as I thought it would so I was back home by like 9:30.  My friends & I spent the night playing Heads Up.

In the morning my friends & I all worked on school stuff (we're all teachers) & then went to the teacher store to buy some supplies for our classrooms.  I'll definitely need more but without actually sitting down in my classroom & coming up with a plan I didn't want to buy too much.  I bought 3 posters, boarder, & a stamp for assignments or something that says #LoveThis.  For lunch they took me to a really good burger place that I had never been to before (which reminded me that I haven't been keeping track of this months 101 in 1001 accomplishments because chaos) & then I took a nap when we got home.  That evening they had another friend come over so we could play more Heads Up & other games of the sort.  Mrs. Hipster & I made dinner of cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped hot dogs & tortellini salad.  It was so good.  After the games we watched a couple of New Girl episodes & called it a night.

Sunday morning I slept in & then finally balanced my checking account that I had been terrified to look at.  It wasn't so bad!  Yay!  Then I just lounged around while Mr. Hipster played video games and Mrs. Hipster was at church.  When she got back home we all headed to the outlet mall so that we could get new clothes for school.  All I got was one stinkin pair of pants.  They're nice & I like them but this obviously means I'm going to have to go shopping again sometime in the near future.  I just couldn't really find anything I loved and wasn't in the trying things on mood.  We tried a new pizza place for a late lunch/early supper.  Because we're all still on the summer to school sleep transition it was nap time when we got home.  After napping I started working on more professional development hours.  I have 20 done so far and before the week I up I'll have at least 50 total.  The one upside to being a new teacher is that you get all of your required hours in right away and don't have to scramble to find professional development to ten throughout the year.

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  1. I'm excited for your new chapter at your new school!