Monday, February 16, 2015

Speak Softly & Carry A Big Stick

I'm technically still on my weekend, #TeacherPerks!

Friday my girls had their second scrimmage.  JV tied 9-9, varsity, well they didn't do so hot.  I already love these girls.  I've spent more time with them than I have my actual students...which is something I hate about alternating block scheduling.  That's not really the point, just a minor thought.  Friday was such a long day.  It was my turn to stay with the girls after the game until everyone had gotten a ride home so I didn't get home until 9:30.  I was so close to just bringing the last girl home after we had been waiting for 30-45 minutes when finally her family showed up to get her.  I wish I could just be with my softball girls & not have to work my actual job...if that were the case I'd maybe stay.  There are only 2 seniors on the team & I already feel a little sad that I won't be with a handful of them next year but I cannot stay in my district.


Saturday started out as such a cluster fuck.  My original plan was to leave for San Antonio around 6 am so I could get there by 9-9:30 since my friend & I were planning on going to the rodeo at 1 pm & wanted to actually get there on time this year (we have yet to ever see the start of the rodeo...).  However, she wanted to go to Zumba in the morning & said she wouldn't be back until like 11:30.  I was perfectly okay with that because that meant that I could sleep for an extra 2 hours & we still should've had time to get to the rodeo by 1.  I should've just left at 6 like I planned on.  Traffic was SO bad in Houston that it took me 1.5 hours to go maybe 20 miles.  I didn't get to San Antonio until about 12:15.  Then, traffic was bad there because of the rodeo.  We still somehow managed to walk through the doors just as it was starting.  We missed the intro & the first few bareback riders but saw the rest of the rodeo.  It took a little bit for me to get into a good mood because I was crabby/tense from shitty traffic, tired, & felt like crap because I was dehydrated/hungry but refused to stop at any point during the 4+ hours on the road so I could get there ASAP.  Eventually I felt better though & it was fun.  Keith Urban was the performer & he puts on such a good show.  That night my friend, her husband, & I went to BWW for Valentine's Day dinner ha.

I left mid morning & spent a lot of the day in the car again.  I wasn't feeling the best but that all changed after I made a stop at Buc-ees.  I seriously love that place.  You can get anything there.  At that one place I got gas, coffee, aleve, a kolache, a cd, water, & fudge.  Had I wanted to I couldn've gotten real food, some clothes, & home decor as well.  That place alone solved basically every problem I was having.  After I left there I was no longer hungry, didn't have a headache, was awake, & finally had the CD I had been searching for.  About the time I got back into Houston Kickass Cousin called & I was in the zone driving that I wound up at Cavenders where I finally got myself a new belt (I've been wearing the same ONE for about 4 years...I needed a secondary one) & a new hat that I absolutely did not need but bought anyway.  Both of those purchases also made me happy.  I had one minor heart attack when I was at a pizza place getting food to go when I thought I saw Mr. Fireman walk in (who I haven't seen nor spoken to in nearly 5 months) but luckily it was just a guy who looked similar.  Once home I pretty much sat around & did nothing but watch TV & chill...


  1. That traffic sounds like a nightmare. But as a coach, can I just tell you that I feel you 100%? Good luck this season. I'm so glad to {almost} pass the baton to you spring sport coaches. It's been a great basketball season but I'm ready to have a life again.

  2. Yay for three day weekends - enjoy your day off girl!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Three day weekends are the best! The concert sounds like a good one aside from the traffic.

  4. yaya for long weekends. I had one as well! Your weekend sounds like a blast (except for the traffic).

  5. *insert girlish squeal* KEITH! He puts on an amazing show! Thank goodness for 3 day weekends!