Tuesday, February 3, 2015

So True Tuesday

Teenager Posts

Haha this is so me

Ahhh, I hate when that happens. And I just get frustrated because people won't listen, so then the words come out all wrong, and then by the end of the story everyone's definitely not listening.


I dont see this relating to teenagers, but definitely to twenty somethings!

*Every time I have to call a parent...*

It's usually accurate

I’d prefer a job where I am politely ignored

Dream memories…

Definitely treadmill!


  1. haha cant tell you how many times Ive wished a phonecall went to voicemail. These are too funny!

  2. haha! Treadmill minute, I think. But both are long.
    I wish for voicemail every time I have to make a call...

  3. Bahaha, I say fuck a lot but I still love Jesus is one of my favorite Jesus memes.
    And the password/username, YES. Generally, I try to use the same username/password everywhere (yeah, real secure, I know) but sometimes the requirements change and I have to add a capital letter or a number or use an email address instead of name and it messes up my jam.
    I always have a "shit ton" of problems. YESS! lol.