Monday, February 23, 2015

Can't Speak

Friday night was so chill & so perfect.  I got myself some brisket for supper, watched a whole lot of Friends on Netflix, & relaxed in the world's best bubble bath with a bloody mary in my hand & calming music on Spotify.

What I wanted was to go get crawfish for lunch with a couple of friends & then have a relaxing day at home.  What happened was crawfish at one place for lunch, followed by beers & more food at another place, followed by more food & drinks at another place, followed by shutting down a 4th place.  It started out fun & ended up fun.  But at place #3 there was massive drama between the couple which caused me & the guy's friend to bond while we awkwardly sat there like we didn't know what was going on...  I also lost my voice.  I had been sick for a couple of days & all of the coughing finally caused me to lose my voice.

Sunday was beautiful.  I watched a couple of documentaries when I woke up in the morning on Netflix (well 1.5...I tried watching The Other Side of Immigration, & it was really interesting, but I was only half paying attention & of course it's all in Spanish with subtitles so if I wasn't staring at the screen I'd miss stuff).  I napped, I got groceries, I watched tons of Friends, I watched a documentary on the 1980 Olympic hockey game (it was Hockey Day In America...35 years since we had beaten the Soviets), watched TWD, watched the last period of the Wild vs Stars game (we won 6-2! & for the record it was 0-1 when I started watching so I'm pretty much a good luck charm)...basically I watched a lot of TV ha.  I also thought I had gotten my voice back but I also hadn't spoken out loud to anyone all day & when I talked to Kickass Cousin on the phone I realized that I in fact did not have my voice back...


  1. Oh my gosh all that craw fish looks amazing!! Seriously your Friday night was perfection!! Hope you got your voice back now!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. sounds like the perfect relaxing weekend. saturday sounds awesome but also terribly awkward with the drama!

  3. I was just talking about wanting crawfish over the weekend. Every year there's a crawfish fest up in my neck of the woods and I've been dying to go, I love love love crawfish! Oh and I hope you're feeling better with the whole losing your voice thing!

  4. Sounds like some much needed relaxing! Hope your voice is back.

  5. Hey more food and booze with friends is never a bad thing right?? Hope you are feeling better/got your voice back though!

  6. Friday nights like that are the best!!
    And saturday's full of food and drinks are my kind of weekend (without the arguing, of course).
    Hope you are feeling better. :)