Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sh*t My Students Say Vol. 3

Student: Miss does this timeline have to be in order?
Me: ...
S: Like do the dates have to be in an order?
M: That's how a timeline works...

Student: Someone was talking shit
Me: Someone was talkin what?

Student: shit
Student: Oh man! I'm sorry Miss!

Student singing obnoxiously
Me: Hey who sings that song?
Student: Fra...ohhhh you were gonna burn me!!

Student 1: Are y'all together
Student 2: No we're just friends

Student 3: Friends with benefits
Me: Annnd that's enough!
Student 4: Y'all wrong for that. The only kinda friends with benefits I want is one that gives me food benefits.

Talking about The Walking Dead
Male Student: Rick makes it look so easy
Me: Rick is a cry baby...Daryl is where it's at
MS: that's a man

Student 1: I save baby turtles because I looove Finding Nemo
Student 2: Wait wasn't it about clown fish not turtles
Student 1: It's about how far a man fish would go to find his son
Student 1 & 3: Fish are friends not food!
Student 3: you know for a clown fish he's not really funny
Student 2: YES HE WAS!

Student: I don't cry...the only time I cry is when I don't get food.


  1. I absolutely love these posts!!! It kills me!!

  2. OMG! The friends with benefits, just no! Haha! Someone takes food and Finding Nemo very seriously.

  3. "He was talking what?" Omg.. these are the best!

  4. Oh my gosh! What a great idea! I'm totally going to start paying closer attention to what my students say!


  5. I just LOLed.
    I want a friend that gives me food benefits too!!