Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sometimes I Can Be A Lady Thanks To eShakti

Back on July 7th I got an email asking if I would review a product.  The product was clothing so I obviously said yes!  I was equally excited about it because just 2 days earlier Amanda had reviewed a dress from them that she looked amazing in.

I looked through the numerous options I had to choose from & fell in love with a dress on one of the first pages that I just kept coming back to.  Knowing that I had a wedding coming up I knew it would be perfect so I submitted my measurements & hit send.

The measurements was by far my favorite part of the experience.  You have the option to order in standard sizes if you wish or you can completely customize it.  I have a weird body.  First of all, I have major #TallGirlProblems.  Secondly, I have average boobs, a little waist, & big hips.  That makes for awkward clothing fits sometimes.

My only complaint was my own fault.  Sometimes the straps would slip but that was because I measured wrong.  #MyBad  Other than that I had 0 complaints.  I got so many compliments on the dress, both at the wedding by family & the block party (that I was way over dressed for) by strangers.  I luckily ordered in long enough that I can even wear it to work from time to time!

Before I get to the part you're all waiting for, what the dress looks like, you need to check them out!  They have more than just dresses & you can't beat the fact that you can completely customize the dress right down to your measurements, sleeves, length, neckline, pockets/no pockets.  Seriously, it's pretty much designing your own clothes!  You can head right to their website linked above or check them out on Facebook, Pinterest, & Twitter.

And for your enjoyment...outtakes that show just how awkward I can be as well as how bored I get with photo shoots.  How you fashion bloggers do it I don't know!  My cousin got a few cute pictures before I had had enough & just started making faces.

**This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own**
**All photos were taken by Kickass Cousin**


  1. oh what a gorgeous dress! I can't wait for mine to arrive ;) I love eshakti. I have a similar body, tall, big hips, little waist except I have teeny tiny boobs haha. I just did the general sizing, I was too lazy to measure lol

  2. Super cute!! How doe I not get offers for free clothes?? I'd be a reviewing fool if it led to new things in my closet! ;)

  3. 1. it has pockets so it's an automatic win in my book. 2. ridiculous photos are the best!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, girl! :D
    That dress is adorable and it looks GREAT on you! I love the length you picked for it!

  5. Love love love this dress you look great lady!!!

  6. I LOVE that dress! it looks great on you!!