Friday, July 18, 2014

My Time In Minnesota Is Half Over

1. I got to spend Monday with Kickass Cousin & her kids at the Minnesota Children's Museum

2. My mama & I started painting my parents' living room.  It hasn't been painted since sometime when I was in high school & it looks so much bigger now.
It was the white/red color with wallpaper & now it's the light green color.

3. Minnesota/Country Sunsets

4. My swimsuit came in the mail!  It said it wasn't going to get here until August 14th & I needed it before August 5th.
--That's not me...--

5. Word Crimes - Weird Al

6. This Quote:

7. This Kid
I hope this will be my child.

8. Drinking time with Kickass Cousin


  1. yay for your swimsuit!! is it totally awesome? oh my god that kid scared the bajeesus out of me.

  2. That swimsuit it so gorg! and Im dying laughing at the kid in the window. He would have definitely gotten me!

  3. That swimsuit is gorgeous! I love it and kind of want one too! That quote is sooo true!

  4. Agreeing with everyone else- that swimsuit is seriously AMAZING!!! Enjoy your weekend :)

  5. That little kid would scare the crap out of me if I was the neighbor... but if I were the kid that would cheer me up. Yay to mail presents! That swimsuit is awesome!