Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Don't Know What To Say...

...but for real though, it's 10:38 pm on Tuesday & I forgot until right now that it was even Tuesday night.  I almost said screw it to this post but how can I tell Kathy I would be super sad if she stopped blogging & then not even participate in her link-up?!  So here it is:

**I had every intention of blogging daily this month but I have been so busy living/enjoying life that I haven't even posted for every link-up I normally participate in**

**I feel like there is a blogger slump going around**

**Based on the past few times I've been drinking I think I need to install a breathalyzer on my phone...not getting any has caused me to try to make a certain boy (not Mr. Fireman) sext me when I get tipsy**
--My reaction to a text I sent when I read it the next morning...sorry you don't get the actual text.  It's not overtly bad just really embarrassing that I actually sent it & was clearly drunk...--

**I had a break down the other day about where I want to be next year: Texas vs Minnesota.  How do you choose between a place you love living & being with all of your friends/family**

**I'm done with my parents' scale...aka my old scale.  It's so inaccurate.  According to the scale I've gained 7 lbs since I got home...I haven't.  I'm also not just saying that.  A)I've been working out everyday & B)You can step on it twice in a row and get results multiple pounds apart or even an error.*

**I successfully finished a tube of chapstick!!**

**WeFest is still 3 weeks away but I want to pack up my clothes**

**Mr. Fireman text me for the first time since I got back to MN the other day & I honestly felt so indifferent.  I wasn't mad at him for not texting me until then & I wasn't over the moon when he did.  It was just like talking to a friend that I don't talk to on a daily basis**

**I get a bigger kick out of this commercial than I probably should**
--"I'm a loner...& a loner's gotta be alone"--

**I kinda miss my new house.  I'm not ready to got back to Texas yet but I only had a week in my new place before I left it.  I moved in first but my roommate will have lived there longer by the time I come back**


  1. I've noticed the blogging slump too and it makes me feel a little better about my own slumps. We are all human apparently. Love that commercial too!!

  2. UM EXCUSE ME. Texas is the best ever. Ever. Ever. (Obviously, I'm from there, if you can't tell) Where did you move to?!

  3. yeah the blogging slump is real. lol. summer, its pretty outside! i would be so sad if kathy stopped blogging but i havent linked up in 2 weeks :| i just dont have any confessions in me right now. and girl i feel you on the place you like living vs family. believe me, i feel you.

  4. Finishing a tube of chapstick is worthy of a major celebration!!!

    The blogging slump is real. I've been fighting against it all summer. It'll pick up again when we're all driven back indoors.

  5. There is a definite blogger slump going around but I think it might be the summer months for all the American bloggers :)

  6. My scale is the same way I have a regular scale and a digital scale the digital scale says I'm 7lbs heavier than the regular scale and if I step on it 3 times I get 3 different readings.

  7. LOL at your reason you linked up :)

    my blogging slump is all because of work - suck a bag of dicks goddamn work. and the fact that i have a moron on my team who doesn't know fuck all and i have to do all the work. it's gotten so bad that even the director avoids going to him for information.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  8. My roommate's scale told me I gained 9 pounds overnight, please! I have to get a better and more reliable scale because inaccurate ones toy with my emotions.

  9. I've only finished a chapstick once in my life and I think I was more proud of myself than when I graduated from school.

  10. There is a HUGE blogger slump going around. I don't know if it's happening just because, or if it's b/c of the summer or what... but I've definitely noticed it, too!

  11. I definitely think there is a blogger slump going on! That's one of the main reasons I did a total blogging overhaul and started a new blog because I just wasn't excited about my last one any more. I also have never, ever, finished a tube of chapstick.

  12. blogging slump is so real - i blame the heat! zaps my energy for late night blogging and then i end up writing a bunch of typos or phoning it in. oops.