Monday, December 16, 2013

This Weekend I...
This Weekend I...
-Went to happy hour with Miss Art Teacher.
-Went to my very first concert by myself.  Everyone else was busy or hates country music so I dressed myself up, headed to the bar, & watched the Taylor Hodak Band & Whiskey Myers play.  It was slightly awkward at first but in the end I'm really glad I went.
This Weekend I...
-Hung out with Mr. Fireman.  We went bowling (he kicked my ass), ate some wings, & then went back to his house to play Phase 10 (where again he kicked my ass).
-Went out dancing with my friend.  We had a good heart to heart, some fun dancing, & a little late night Dennys
This Weekend I...
-I did some laundry
-I watched a lot of Friday Night Lights on Netflix.

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  1. Good for you for going to a concert regardless. I know I have done that at least once or twice. After all, you are there to appreciate the performer and the music live so who cares if you go alone :)

    Thanks for linking up!