Sunday, December 1, 2013

No Humbug Challenge Week 1

(11/24) Day 1: Make breakfast in bed for someone you're sweet on.
(11/25) Day 2: Share the #NoHumbug challenge & spread the holiday magic.
(11/26) Day 3: Find a new way to get sweaty.
(11/27) Day 4: Leave your favorite book someplace for a stranger to discover.
(11/28) Day 5: Give thanks to 5 of your favorite Twitter connections.
(11/29) Day 6: Give the person behind you a little VIP treatment & send them to the front of the line.
(11/30) Day 7: Host a game night & spike the punch.
(12/1) Day 8: Put a wreath on it.  Seriously, get wild & get decorating.
Clearly I suck...I'm gonna go ahead & make excuses now...
24: I was up before the ass crack of dawn to go deer hunting...I barely ate breakfast let alone making it for someone else in bed.
25: Winner winner chicken dinner!
26: I really thought I was going to...Kickass Cousin & I took her 3 kickass children to a community center...but I spent my time bonding with 7 week old Kickass.
27: I'm in books are in Texas...
28: I didn't really give thanks but I did do a random little shout out for 5 of my Twitter followers.
29: I let all sorts of people go in front of me at the Verizon store.
30: I didn't really host a game night but Mr. Fireman & I sat around for hours drinking beers, playing a card game, & watching movies.  Close enough right?
1: I don't have a wreath but I did put up my Christmas door sign...

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