Friday, December 27, 2013

It's A Tropical Heat Wave

I wanted to blog today but hadn't kept track of my happies & crappies of the week (who am I kidding though it was just a ton of happies because I'm on vacation!) & couldn't think of anything for 5 for Friday so instead here's a photo dump & a little "so what if..."
These are all of the random photos I've taken since I left Houston (8/20) & yesterday (8/26).  I'll do another photo dump when I get back to Texas next week.  I'd tell you what's going on in all of them but there's 54 of them... they range from my favorite children to the airport to snow to Christmas presents to food to shameless selfies.

So what if...
- I stayed in my PJs until noon today.
-I'm doing further research into school districts for next year & it's only December.
-It was 30 degrees yesterday & I wandered around without a jacket because it felt that nice outside.
-I'm leaning towards school districts that start on August 13th or later so that I can go to WeFest again.
-I've had at least one alcoholic beverage every day since break started.
-I'm starting to talk to other guys again...I won't give up on him but I won't wait around on Mr. Fireman any longer.
-My resolution for 2014 is to get my credit cards paid off yet I'm looking into opening 1 or 2 new ones with awesome frequent flyer miles.
-I'm leaning heavily towards moving away from Houston (or even out of Texas) if this whole Mr. Fireman thing doesn't work out.
-I planned to create a syllabus for next semester & do a little work while on winter break & then didn't bring anything home with me.
-I'm adding this one only because I'm slightly anal & wanted to have 10...

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  1. uh, i've been living in my robe since last week friday and my husband said "maybe you should change. your sweat pants and robe need a break". what a jerk! LOL

    Vodka and Soda