Friday, November 30, 2012

November Photo Checklist

Baked pies

Geese flying south
-Every time I saw Geese I was first!

Family gatherings

Thanksgiving dinner

Loved ones preparing the food

People setting the table

Home decor
-My family didn't really decorate for Thanksgiving.  Fail?

The family at the table

People watching a game after dinner
-The Vikings didn't play until Sunday so no one watched the game after dinner.

Black Friday madness
-I did go out for Black Friday but not until probably 10 am so there was no madness.

The first snowfall

Family photo shoot for holiday cards
-My mom decided that because she had so many leftover cards that she'd just send those out instead.

Dogs or kids playing in the first snow

Thanksgiving leftovers in the refrigerator

Family members turning on Christmas lights
-I left to head back for TX on the 25th and my family hadn't put any lights up yet.

9 out of 15...not a total fail but not great either.  Can I get 100% for December??

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