Monday, November 26, 2012

2 Months Down

I knew I was going to forget to update when 50 days came across.  On day 50 I was out in the deer stand having just returned to Minnesota the night before at 10 pm.  So in the past 20 days I have...

2. Workout at least once a week: still on it
8. Complete 50 book challenge 2012: I just finished book 10... 40 more isn't going to happen.
19. Create a budget every month: still on it
61. Blog at least once a week: still on it
71. Read 5 Autobiographies: I just finished my first one: "Bossypants" - Tina Fey.  I loved it!  I was cracking up while reading it.
90. Stop biting my nails: I don't know the last time I bit my nails. was kind of a weak 20 days...


  1. Hey Brianne! Thanks for dropping by my blog today :)

    I'm your new follower! I love that you teach to kids AND seniors. It takes special people to be teachers!

    As for the 10 books, that's not bad at all. My resolution for 2013 is to read 25 French books (I'm presently doing a 2nd degree, in translation from English to French and want to improve. What better way than to read, right?)

  2. I've heard great thigns about Bossy Pants! I've got to read it!