Monday, July 2, 2012

Hot Mess

How can someone so organized be so disorganized?!  I am by definition a planner.  I have most things in life well planned out and well organized.  I'm also a procrastinator, weird?  I got home from Texas 2 months ago.  While I was packed up before any of my roommates with my car loaded up, it took me a good month to finally unpack my stuff.  I was basically living out of boxes, suitcases, and a duffle bag.  In the 2 months I've been home however, I've realized that I have lost at least 4 things.  I've lost my glasses, my Houston Astros Shirt, my "You May All Go To Hell, I'm Going To Texas - Davy Crockett" shirt, & a whole thing of bobby pins.  While the only real important thing is my glasses, & those are my old pair at that, the T-Shirts are still sentimental, and cute.  Also, it still begs the question, what else is missing?!  I certainly didn't just put those 4 things in a box.  I have absolutely no clue where they could be at this point either.  My car has been empty for at least a month & a half, I unpacked everything a month ago, I've even re-packed a few boxes for when I leave a month from now.  Yes my room is a complete disaster, but I've tore it apart enough to know they aren't in here.

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