Monday, July 16, 2012

Fourth Times The Charm?

Back in December I took four tests I needed to pass in order to obtain my MN teaching license.  I passed 2 failed 2.

In March I re-took the 2 I failed while down in Texas.  I failed both.

In May I once again re-took them once I got back to Minnesota.  I passed one failed one.

I just finished re-taking the one that I failed about an hour ago.  Here's to hoping that the fourth time is the charm.

The only consolation I have to this is:
a) I'm not alone, in fact I'm very much in good company with nearly everyone that I graduated with in having to re-take them multiple times.
b) I can still get a teaching license for a year but cannot re-new it for a 5 year until I pass all 4 tests.

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