Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Week In Photos

Jan 22- Day 22
It was so nice & sunny out that I decided to go read by the pool.
Jan 23 - Day 23
After school today I didn't really do much but read.  I'm almost done with this book now.
Jan 24 - Day 24
"The convenience of air mattresses is that you can bring your bed into the kitchen whenever you feel lonely" -Kathy

Jan 25 - Day 25
The rain was insane.  This is a parking lot at the school I teach at.

Jan 26 - Day 26
So maybe it is a little passive and/or elementary but it's not like actually talking about it did anything either.

Jan 27 - Day 27
We went out to celebrate a girl's birthday.

Jan 28 - Day 28

I finally got to see the Gulf of Mexico in the daylight.

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