Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Life In Texas Jan 17-Jan 23

Tue. Jan 17: Today my students had to do a survey that lasted most of the class period.  I was so frustrated with my last 2 classes.  They would not listen at all.  I finally snapped on my 6th hour because I expect so much more out of them because it's a pre-AP class.  They finally go the hint then.  I was so frustrated though to the point where I almost wanted to cry.  No worries, I didn't.  There was also a fight outside our apartment.  It was some dumb fight between a couple of people who apparently don't like each other to begin with but for some reason the cops got called & it was apparently necessary for 2 or 3 squad cars to show up...

Wed. Jan 18: Thankfully, my students were well behaved all day.  They played a review game.  It's called a circuit review.  Basically they get a set of cards & each card has an anser on the top & a question on the bottom.  Their task is to match each question to it's answer & when they have them all correct it creates a circle & all of the questions/answers flow together.  It went really well.  I worked out again today after taking too many days off.  It felt great.  I can never take that many days off again.  I feel so worn out though & not just from working out.  I'm not even the full time teacher & I just come home exhausted.  I passed out for probably a good hour earlier while doing something on my computer.  I'm so glad that tomorrow is Thursday already & that we are hopefully having a low key weekend.  I'm pretty sure homesickness is beginning to set in.  That or I'm just not ready to be a grown up ha.

Thur. Jan 19: Today wasn't all that exciting.  The counselor came into each of the classes to talk about their PSATs & then they played the same review game that they did yesterday.  So today mostly consisted of me just hanging around & checking their answers when they thought they finished the game.  I was definitely happy to be in Texas today though.  It was -35 with the windchill today & it got to about 70 here today.  I do not miss cold weather one bit.  Not even in the slightest ha.  I worked out again today.  I did 30 min on the eliptical.  It felt amazing & I kind of wanted to keep going but I had other things to do for school tomorrow.

Fri. Jan 20: Today was again a boring day at school but at least it was casual Friday.  The kids just tested all hour so I was basically just looking for cheaters, which there weren't any (YAY!), & then corrected their short answers.  Most of the kids did average.  My supervisor came in to set up all of my observations for the semester.  Our original plan for the weekend was to not do much of anything due to the car towing last weekend.  This didn't happen.  The guy that Matt lives with was playing in a jazz band down in Galveston so very last minute the 5 of us drove down there to see the show.  It was a free show so it really only cost us gas & dinner (which wasn't that much at all...$15 for a beer, huge fries, & the biggest burger I've ever seen...& tip.  The place was so cute & the music was good.  I really wanted to see the Gulf even though it was super dark because the largest body of water I've ever seen is Lake Superior.  I completely geeked out.  Running around the beach, sticking my fingers in the water, perhaps a crappy cartwheel or two...  I tried taking pictures but it was so dark & the air was so full of salty mist that you couldn't seen anything on my camera.  Then we just decided to head back home.  We were home by midnight but I was still passing out in the car before we actually got home.

Sat. Jan 21: The plan was once again to stay in.  Once again, it didn't happen.  The boys were going to go out to a sports bar with some of the teachers that Kevin works with & we were going to go to the liquor store & drink at home...we went with them.  But it was a blast.  We met some awesome people, learned some new dances, & had another amazing burger.  I will never turn down a burger & fries, especially if there is amazing ranch to go with the fries.  I am a sucker for ranch dressing.  We closed down the bar.  I haven't done that in quite awhile.  Probably since about the beginning/middle of December.  Also glad that we were able to make some new friends.  I also went to the mall trying to find some polo shirts but I got so frustrated because I hate shopping to begin with & couldn't find what I was looking for so I walked out & went to Target.  I still didn't  find what I was looking for but I did manage to find some cute shorts & stuff for my cousin's kids.  I also got a Brita water bottle because I hate how our water tastes here.  I then went to a boot store in search of a belt with a removeable buckle.  The only one I really like was $80!  Yeah...that didn't happen.  So now I need to find a cheap one somewhere.

Sun. Jan 22: I went to the mall again...this time I did find some polos.  I still didn't find any college apparel.  I have no clue where to even look for it.  It was so nice out so when I got home I went out to sit by the pool & read.  Kathy & I decided to go for a walk that turned sketchy.  First we saw a homeless man sleeping next to an old bank.  Well he was lying there with his blankets & then he saw us and like hid under his blankets.  That's about when we decided it was getting far too dark to be out walking without a boy or mace.  On our way back a car then pulled up next to us & asked if we knew where a certain road was.  We did so we told him how to get there.  He said thanks & then started rolling away as we kept walking.  He then asked if we needed a ride.  We said no.  He looked confused & said that we were almost home & we were walking on purpose.  He said ok & started rolling away again.  He stopped AGAIN & asked if we wanted to make some $$.  We told him no & he said alright cause I'm a model producer... no buddy we're good.  He then drove off in the completely opposite direction of where we told him said road was located.  We then decided we need to get some mace ASAP.  Back to school tomorrow & I'm not tired at all at quarter after 11...tomorrow is going to be a long day...

Mon. Jan 23: Today I was so exhausted.  I don't even know why.  I didn't workout.  I came home kinda bummed around & then read forever.  School wasn't even all that draining.  I think it's just cause I was up so late the night before & then had to get up early for school.  I did get to wear jeans though.  I get to wear them all week actually.  My teacher bought me a jean pass.  It helps support FFA at the school.  It's a good cause but it still kills me that the 4th largest city in the nation even has FFA.  One of the girls in my class is in it & she is so excited about her animals.

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