Tuesday, December 27, 2011

25 Things

Do any of you remember the "25 Things" craze that hit Facebook about 2 years ago?  You know where you made a list of 25 things about yourself that others may or may not already know about you.  Well I'm bringing it back.  Only this time, in honor of my moving, I'm going to do the 25 Things I'm Going To Miss About MN & 25 Things I'm Excited For In TX.  But first, here is an awesome video about "25 Things" that kills me everytime.

 25 Things I'm Going To Miss About MN

1. Mora (My Hometown)
2. "Dropping" fresh baked cookies on the floor at work so we could sample them
3. Hot cop eye candy at work
4. My fellow Social Studies majors
5. My family
6. My friends
7. My dog
8. Driving "the loop"
9. Living in a small town
10. Not having to pay tolls
11. Having an income
12. Having next to no bills
13. The fact that there are next to no bugs out right now
14. The scenery
15. Farms everywhere
16. Having my own room/closet
17. Knowing where everything is
18. No sales tax on clothes
19. Family Get Togethers
20. Having a real bed
21. MCs/Bowes (bars)
22. A certain couple of boys
23. Holiday (my job)
24. Discounted gasoline
25. St. Cloud (my college town)

 25 Things I'm Excited For In TX
1. Road Trip
2. Making new friends
3. Warm weather
4. Living an hour from The Gulf
5. Finally getting to meet a friend I've known for forever
6. Cowboys
7. Houston
8. Dallas
9. San Antonio
10. Student Teaching
11. Getting use & abuse "y'all"
12. Real country bars
13. Gym in my apartment
14. Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show
15. "The Real World: Houston" as my friends like to call it
16. Southern accents
17. An apartment with 2 pools
18. Getting to live somewhere new
19. Getting to experience life in a major city
20. Southern Charm
21. "Yes ma'am"
22. Having roommates
23. Waffle House
24. Being done with school at the end of the day & not still having to go to work after
25. Learning to be independent.

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  1. Houston Rodeo should be #1 on your list ;) And it's just a few weeks away!