Monday, September 26, 2011

I feel...

like this...

Seriously my stress levels are at an all time high right now.

30 days from now I will be in the classroom for 100 hours.

BEFORE that starts I have due:
-an interdisciplinary unit (plus an extra pre & post assessment)
-3 journals + a complete set of notes & free-writes
-3 presentations
-classroom management plan
-cover letter
-online portfolio
-rough draft of an 18 week semester plan (lesson plans & what not)

I also have 0 time to do any of that by the way because I do work from time to time & have other commitments.

Even after the 100 hours starts I still have class 3 days a week that I need to attend on top of teaching/observing 5 days a week.  Nope, there aren't 8 days in the week... damn.

As far as the 100 hour goes, it starts in 30 days & yet not a soul knows where they will be placed.  I also don't know what I am going to do about my job.  I'm not getting rid of it but I'm already starting to get very minimal hours due to business slowing down & school taking a couple days a week out.  Once I start teaching there will be 3 days I absolutely cannot work & 2 more days with limited availability.  My very small amount of hours has me freaking out about $$.

Oh yeah, & then there's this little thing called student teaching that I'll be doing next semester.  As far as I know one of the people writing me a letter of recommendation to even get accepted to do my teaching in Texas, hasn't written it's due in 11 days.  I still don't know when I'm leaving.  I still don't know where I'll be living.  I still don't know how the hell I'm supposed to figure that out when I'm living nearly 1300 miles away.  The one potential roommate I have won't email me back.  I don't know how I'll afford anything since I won't have a job while I'm down there since a)I'll be in the classroom all day & b)what's the point when I will be living there 16 weeks tops.

Thanks for letting me bitch.  Congrats if you made it through.

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