Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I've Been Doing Besides Ignoring My Blog

Ok so it's Tuesday, not Monday, at least I'm getting this done! So what have I been doing?? Nothing & everything all at the same time.
The day after I began my blogging hiatus I went to Duluth (if you're ever in MN, GO!) to visit a friend from high school. It was amazing to catch up & just hang out. She is one of my best friends even though we never see each other and don't even always talk all the time. She is one of those people where we can go months without seeing each other and sometimes even talking but once we do see each other it's like not time has passed at all. We spent a large portion of the day at the beach and then went out to dinner at a local brewery. Amazing food. I wish I had taken pictures of it. Even the beer was good & I'm not usually a fan of fruity beer.

The second reason I was kept away from my blog was WeFest but that will get it's own post.  I had it in here & it's way too long to just be a portion of this.

The weekend that followed WeFest I headed up north again, I actually even went through Detroit Lakes again (see WeFest post), for a family reunion.  My brother & my dad had to work so it was just my mom & I that went.  Quite honestly I only went to see my cousin & her 2 kids, who really I see quite often.  It was also a good excuse to get away...again.  We stayed at a casino & between the 2 nights that we stayed there I doubled my money.  I also got to watch my cousin's oldest (he's almost 4) go from being a little scared of the water to swimming in the deep end of the pool with his life vest on.  The actual reunion was fairly boring because I don't really know a soul at those things beyond my family that I see all the time.  I was also extremely tired because neither of the kids had slept well the night before & the 4 of us shared a hotel room.

This past weekend was move-in weekend which really wasn't all the exciting.  Eventful, yes.  Exciting, not so much.  It's really not worth writing about mostly because I spent most of it at the ER with my friend.  Yes, she's fine.  It just took forever because instead of going by priority they went by who came in when.  Go St. Cloud Hospital!  I know you may think that I'm being bias but she went in with heart issues, another girl had been dropped on her head, and yet a kid who was having a blast with his friends and thought he maybe had food poisoning got to go in before both of them because he was there first.  It was good to see my friends again though & while we were out on the town it was a good time.  We even went back to our dorms to find our old rooms ha.

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