Friday, September 3, 2010

A Very Unhappy Camper

So Branden & I went camping last weekend as you all know. Well I was balancing my checking account the other day & what do I see? A charge of $25 from Itasca State Park. No big deal right? Wrong. It should have been a $10 charge. So I call today thinking it will be no problem & they will fix it. Wrong again.

First of all somehow they got my reservation under Brian McClellan. Which is a legit person. It's my dad's cousin & it even has his address on there so it's not like it was just a minor typo. So when I call they don't even have any record of me being there at first. That alone was making me mad because they were like well you're not in here, we're busy, what do you want me to do about it? I'm only slightly lying. She didn't say "what do you want me to do about it?" But the rest she said & she definitely had that tone of I don't care about your problems. She also preceeded to basically call me stupid by asking "are you sure you even stayed here?" Uhh yeah lady I am sure. "You're 100% sure it was Itasca & not another campground?" It took all I had in me to not saying some snotty sarcastic remark. So I was like you know what I'll just call back when I get home & find my reservation. It just so happens that I had the receipts in my wallet still. JACKPOT! Now I have the info they want & I can get my money back. Once again, wrong. (This was how I found out the reservation was under Brian & not me...still don't know HOW they did that considering we don't even live in the same town let alone the same address & I reserved it online under all of MY info.)

Anyway, so I call back. I get transferred around a bunch of time & finally get to the permit lady, Karen. Yes that is here real name (I'm still livid & refuse to change names for this story. Karen will be getting a piece of my mind later... she's gonna hate her life even more if I have to drive the 2.5 hours up there with my proof) So Karen, knowing about the whole Brian mix-up, I told her myself I'm not just assuming, listens to my story & was like "well I can try to go & look through my records & then possibly you'll get your money back" Possibly?! Oh hell no. Y'all screwed up I'm getting my money back. It just depends on how easy you want me to make this for you Karen. She then bascially proceeds to call me a liar & says "well do you even have any proof that you only got two daily passes & did you use a credit card?" Why yes Karen I do have proof. Lucky for you I still have my 2 daily passes & yes I did use my credit card. So she tells me she'll call me back.

Call me back she does. Unfortunately I was in class so I had to listen to the voicemail in between that one & the one I'm currently in. She tells me she has no receipt record & asks if I maybe I went somewhere else. No you fucking idiot. I stayed there. I have the receipts. You know the reservation is under another name & that the credit card slip has my name on it. I'm not the unorganized mess your dumb park is. Needless to say I will not be getting this solved today most likey. I have class until 2:50 & then work at 4. And considering I've been on the phone with them & playing phone tag with them for about 2 hours now... I don't have time. If I have to drive up there next weekend with my stupid proof I will. Because at this point, I am so pissed off that even though it will probably cost me that $15 in gas money... it is now the principle.

Eff you Itasca State Park. Eff you.

End rant.

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  1. Could you just fax them a copy?? That is really annoying! I'm sorry they're being jerks about it too!