Sunday, September 26, 2010

North Shore

Branden & I had planned on driving up the North Shore this weekend from Duluth to Grand Portage (the Canadian border). We were going to go up to Duluth Friday so that we didn't have to drive as far Saturday & see my friend from high school Friday night. However, because Duluth seems to be the place to be, by the time I booked a hotel everything was booked up or super expensive. So instead we stayed at my parents Friday night & drive up Saturday. Because we didn't get to see my friend Friday & we got a later start by not already being in Duluth when we woke up Saturday morning, we only got as far as Split Rock Lighthouse. It was still a ton of fun but I would still like to make the drive up to Grand Portage someday. The leaves were absolutely gorgeous, which is why we picked the end of September to go.

1 comment:

  1. duluth is SO busy this time of year! love the nature photos- great job! i just love fall :) xo- A