Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's Shark Week

Ok so actually Shark Week is almost over. This is my first time ever participating in Shark Week. I am officially hooked. Within two days I was scared out of the ocean & then intrigued by it. I've watched some "Dirty Jobs w/Mike Rowe: Jobs That Bite", "Cash Cab: Shark Week Edition", "Sharkbite Summer", & "Air Jaws".

It started all fun and innocent with some Mike Rowe & Cash Cab. Then Sharkbite Summer happened. I have never ever seen the ocean. I have always wanted to & I still do. In fact it's even on my 101 in 1001. Shark attacks never really scared me because I have no intention of getting in water that's over my head anyway. Now, do I seriously think I'll get attacked by a shark, God I hope not. However, what made me more reluctant about getting in the ocean is the fact that most of these attacks happened in 3 feet of water! THREE FEET! That's just below my hips still! Eek!! Thank you very much Shark Week...

Yesterday, Air Jaws happened. That intrigued me. First because it looked so sweet. THEN I realized it was happening in South Africa. (I'm sure they announced that at the beginning but I wasn't really paying attention). My final year I was considering doing part of my student teaching in South Africa! Well shark week solidified my decision. Air Jaws was filmed at Seal Island which is near Cape Town. My student teaching would be in Port Elizabeth. At first google maps showed me that Seal Island was like 40 miles away. Really it's like 9 hours away. But that's still pretty freaking sweet! Plus if we really get 2 weeks of travel time, 9 hours is totally doable. Seal Island here I come!

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