Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 28 - This Year & I've How I've Grown

September 2009
~I had just started my junior year of college.

October 2009
I turned 21.

November 2009
~Nothing major happened this month.

December 2009
~I finished the first half of my junior year.

January 2010
~I started the second half of my junior year.
~Branden & I celebrated our 4 year anniversary.

February 2010
~I quit Perkins & started my new job at Gander Mountain.

March 2010
~Branden & I went to Saint Louis for a weekend during my spring break.

April 2010
~I don't recall anything major happening in April. Classes ended but finals weren't until May.

May 2010
~My junior year of college ended. Then I started summer classes haha.

June 2010
~My younger brother graduated from high school.

July 2010
~I went to Vegas for 4 days with some friends.

August 2010
~Branden was gone for 2 weeks with the Army.
~I started my senior year (but not last year) of college.

How I've grown?
I don't know. That's lame but I don't feel like I've had any major growths. Sure I've gotten wiser & more mature but that just comes naturally with time & age. I haven't really had any real OMG my life needs to change moments in the past 12 months though. Sorry!

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