Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 26 - What I Did Today, In Great Detail

7:30 am: woke up & tried to go back to sleep because my alarm was set for 10.
8:00 am: gave up trying to sleep, turned on my computer & CMT.
8:45 am: took a shower.
9:30 am: packed up my backpack.
10:30 am: left my apartment to walk to class.
11:00 am: started my first class (National Security History)
11:50 am: finished first class & met roommate for lunch at Subway
1:00 pm: started my second class (Modern Japan)
1:30 pm: finished second class & tried getting my new computer to connect to the school's network for 15 minutes.
1:45 pm: finally got new computer to connect
2:00 pm: started my third class (Western Civilization 1500-Present)
2:45 pm: finished third class
3:15 pm: got parking pass & then bummed around the apartment
5:30 pm: walked back to school for my fourth class
6:00 pm: started my fourth class (Latin American 1492-1825)
8:40 pm: finished my fourth class & walked home in the rain.
9:00 pm: made an egg & sausage for dinner
9:30 pm: finished typing up this post.

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