Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 14 - My Favorite College Memory

This one is hard too. First of all, I still have 2 years left of college haha. Second, I've had a lot of good times in my first 3 years. I'll just pick one from each year so far.

There was the time freshmen year when I came back from sending Branden off to OSUT (my birthday) & came back the next day to my dorm room filled with streamers, balloons, & a huge happy birthday sign that nearly everyone on my floor signed.

Sophomore year not wanting to go home after a friend's 20th birthday dinner so just driving around taking random pictures & yelling out my car windows at people in the bar area of downtown.

Junior is even harder because that was the year of everyone turning 21 so I'll just sum it up with all the crazy nights spent with friends.

Here's to hoping that my 4th year will be just as amazing!

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