Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Believe Me Damnit

I love my roommate Kayla to death. She has a boyfried. He is a really great guy, love him too. But it's starting to get real old that she only seems to trust what he has to say. She'll ask a question or be wondering about something & someone else can know the answer but it's always "Let me just ask Jeff"

In May we all went to a concert & she was wondering directions. Don't trust me, the girl that saw & can read the road signs. Don't trust Meagan, the girl who lives in the area. Let's call Jeff so he can tell her the exact same thing that Meagan & I told her.

Thinking about waxing your car today? Don't listen when I tell you yesterday it's going to rain all day. Instead tell me well Jeff said there's a little chance but we should be good. What's it doing today? Yeah... that's what I thought. END RANT

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