Friday, July 2, 2010

Packing & Distraction

Today after work I will be leaving for my hometown. Therefore I am "packing" now so that I can leave straight from work instead of having to come back here & do it then. Except I got distracted... I grabbed a couple of tops off of my floor that I bought yesterday from Plato's Closet so that I could put them away. Well that made me think of Vegas, because that is the reasoning behind the two tops. Well that lead me to start my packing list... we still have 17 days before we go meet up with one of our roommates & 18 before we're even there. You can never be too prepared I guess. This list is scaring me though. I will be sharing a suitcase! I don't ridiculously over pack by any means & I have a fair sized suitcase but I haven't even written down everything that I need & I've almost filled up a whole sheet of notebook paper. Granted things such as: straigtener, hair dryer, toothpaste, & shampoo/conditioner will be shared but still. We will only be in Vegas for 4 days & I have 5 tops, 3-4 bottoms (skirt, 1-2 shorts, jeans), AND a dress. Now multiply that by two plus all of our extras... this could be a tight fit.

I really should be packing for this weekend instead. That's easy though. 1. Get dressed in work clothes. 2. Put all dirty clothes together so I can bring them home to wash. 3. Pack up extras such as book, toothbrush, camera type stuff. 4. Put computer stuff in backpack. 5. Leave.

Most of my clothers are in the hamper right now anyway so that's basically done. So really I have to get dressed & finish putting stuff in my duffel bag. (Some of it is still in there from when I was home last Friday/Saturday.) Ok I've stalled long enough. I have to leave in an hour & a half & God knows even once I submit this I'll probably go on Facebook or something...

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