Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Need To Travel

Blame it on growing up in a small town. That's what I do anyway. I have always wanted to see the world. It's been one of my biggest dreams for as long as I can remember. Ever since I went on my first road trip though back in March of 09 it's gotten worse. While traveling has always been a dream I haven't been all that many places.
State wise I've been to:
Minnesota - I was born and raised here though.
North Dakota
South Dakota

Other Countries:

United States - But I live here!
Iceland - Well the airport if that counts lol
**Sure I've been to 11 states & 5 countries outside of the state & country than I live in . That's more than a lot of people will ever see. But to me it's not enough. Especially since as close as I am to some of those states, 8 of them came after the age of 18. I've caught the bug.**

Ever since my first spring break trip I have felt the need to constantly have travel plans.
March 09 - My friend Robyn & I drove from MN, through IA, to KC MO to St. L MO, all through IL & WI back to MN.
July/August 09 - My friend Laura & I drove from MN, through IA, through NE, through the tiny tip of WY, litterally all over CO, through KS, through MO, & back through IA to MN.
March 10 - Branden & I drove from MN, through IA to St. Louis & then back the same way.
July 10 - Some friends & I will be heading out to Las Vegas (12 days & I'll be there woot woot!)

That's just not enough for me. When will it be enough. I haven't even gotten to Vegas yet & I already want to have another trip planned. I would eventually like to see all 50 states & as many countries as possible. I have a dream trip in mind. But I lack the funds. Plus I'm scared of the timing. Branden will be deploying sometime next spring meaning he would return sometime in the spring of 12, which would be the earliest I could go. A homecoming is something I do not want to miss & I also don't want to leave for a month right after he gets back. It's all so far away though. I try my hardest to let life take me wherever but I'm such a planner that I can't most of the time.

Branden & I have discussed going out to Montana sometime this winter so he can go snowboarding. I am a terrible snowboarder (Ok I've only tried twice but the mountains of Montana aren't exactly where I want to start over trying) But I want to see Montana & hell I could have a spa day. I really hope this happens but I'm trying not to get my hopes too high in the event that it doesn't. I do want to take some sort of vacation with him again though before he deploys.

I know I'm only 21 but I feel as if my time to see the world is running out. I still have 2 years left of college & then I need to get a job. By then I'll be at least 24/25 & I want to get married and have kids. Of course I could still travel but it's not the same. I most certainly won't be flying around the globe with small children. Even being married and seeing the world isn't all that easy if Branden ends up being the one I marry. There's deployments & drill weekends once a month to consider, plus there would be taking time off of my job & his. If only I was done with school. I just don't have the funds to do all of this while I am living off of loan $$. Whoa is me lol.

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