Sunday, July 25, 2010

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was in Vegas from July 19-22. I had a lot of fun. Will I go back? Probably. It was fun & I would like to go again with my family, Branden, and/or favorite cousin. If I never went back would I be heart broken? No.I liked Vegas. I really did. It just isn't my favorite place I've ever been. There were cool things to see and the strip at night was beautiful. I just didn't think there was all that much to do there. I'm not big into gambling so there wasn't much else to do. Sure there's shows. Those can add up pretty fast though. There's also the sightseeing and people watching. I've seen almost the entire strip though & been into a lot of the casinos.

The first day there we got there around 2 and were staying at The Excalibur so we just wandered around the first part of the strip. Did I mention it was around 110 every day that we were there? It was HOT HOT HOT. Not like the heat I'm used to though. I like the dry heat way better than the humidity we have back home. We got to see the Bellagio fountain show set to God Bless America.

The second day we walked up and down nearly the entire strip. All the way to the Wynn & Encore. Which if you've never been to LV there's only like 4 more hotel/casinos after that. That's also around 2 miles one way. Needless to say by the end of that day we were wiped out. We also went to Madame Tussuads that day. We saw Thunder From Down Under that night. Best. Show. Ever. Lol. It was amazing. We even got to get our picture taken with them. We saw Holly Madison from The Girls Next Door/Holly's World when we were walking the strip so of course we got pictures. We happened to walk away right as she came over to do autographs though :(.

On day 3 Heather, her mom, and aunt went to go walk the strip some more and go see the Bodies & Titanic exhibits. Ashley, Jessica, Kayla, & I used that time to soak up some sun by the pool at our hotel & go to Hooters for their free $100 of play money. Later we met up with them and headed down to Fremont Street. There we just walked around and then saw the laser show. It was way cooler than I was imagining. I was picturing colored lasers set to music kind of like the fountain show. Not actual pictures and such. We saw the one set to American Pie. Then we left Heather's mom & aunt behind to head back down the strip to the hotel. On the way we "saw" the pirate show at Treasure Island. There were so many people that it was hard to really see anything. Then we also saw the volcano show at the Mirage. After that we just went back to the hotel. By that time it was around midnight & we had to be up at 4:30 to catch a shuttle to the airport for our flight out so Kayla, Heather, her mom, aunt & I decided to just pull an all nighter... minus a 45 min nap lol.

The next morning we headed out & caught a flight back to South Dakota where Kayla, Ashley & I still had a 4 hour drive back home. I did all of that on only 45 minutes of sleep in over 30 hours.
**Pictures will be in a separate post because I don't have time to deal with getting my pictures & text all straight**

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