Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's July?!

Time is flying by entirely too fast. This year is half over. What is that?! I have clue as to where the time has gone. This summer sure is going by much faster than I would like. As previously mentioned June was an extremely busy month. Well, July isn't a whole lot better. Once again I have no free weekends. It's Fourth of July weekend, my work weekend, I'll be getting ready for Vegas, my work weekend, & then I have a family reunion. The first week (5-9) is my last week of class time, I still have an online class that goes until August. The third week (19-23) I'll be in Las Vegas with some girlfriends. That leaves 2 weeks & I still have a job where I work 20+ hours a week. This summer is just insane. August should be slower, fingers crossed.

This weekend should be a good one though. I work 9-5 tomorrow & then am headed back to my hometown for a couple of days to see my family. Then Sunday I will be with Branden & his friends for the 4th. We always go to this park in his hometown that has a carnival & a fireworks show. We get there around noon & just hang out all day long. Then Monday my love turns 24. I am making him jungle cupcakes. We are going to go to the beach & then just grill.

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