Sunday, May 23, 2010

As Days Go By

I cannot believe how fast this summer is going. I started classes again on the 17th. It's actually going a lot better than I thought it would. It's American Indians in the Curriculum. In all honesty I did not go into it with good expectations. First of all it's an ethnic studies class. That may sound bad just as a simple statement but every ethnic studies class I have taken has basically been a "white people suck" class. This class is nothing like that and has been really intersting so far. Second of all it's 3 hours a day Monday-Friday. I do not do well sitting in long classes. I can barely hold my attention for an hour somedays. This class just seems to fly by though and before I know it it's noon and time to go. There are only 2 more weeks left of this class and then I will be starting 3 more classes. One is online however. I am hoping that those go as smoothly as this one is.

This month has been pure busyness. June is only going to get worse. The first week of May was spent in finals for spring semester. I then had ten days "off" before starting my intersession class. In those ten days I went back to my parents' for Mother's day weekend, had one of Branden's softball games, a friend graduated from college, went to the Brooks & Dunn concert, and had a bachlorette party to attend. Now my first week of classes is done & I am currently back at my parents' for the weekend again. This coming week will be class and work every single day of the week. While I am glad that I have a ton of stuff to do this summer, I am not a fan at how fast it is going by.

An article also hit our local newspaper about the upcoming deployment for Minnesota National Guard soldiers. Branden's unit wasn't listed in the paper but the list is not complete yet. During his drill this month they were told that within the next couple months they would know more specifics such as when and where. Here is the article if any of you are interested. 2,700 from Minnesota to Deploy. I feel that I have remained fairly calm thus far. I hadn't really let it get to me or hit me and did/do not intend to until he does know a more specific when/where. The article in the paper made it more realistic to me but seeing as it could be as far as a year a way I do not want to dwell on it any longer than I have to.

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