Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should

I recently found out that one of my D-Bag ex-friend & roommate is having a baby with his ex-girlfriend. I have so much dislike for him. Like for the longest time, and now again, anytime he was even brought up my blood would boil. Those two have no business having a child at all. He is a racist, sexist, any ism you can think of. If you aren't exactly like him he has something to say about you. She is just psychotic. She's the type of girl that when they broke up another time lied and said she was pregnant so they would get back together. Well now she really is. Plus they are never happy. Even when they are "happy" they are dysfunctional. They have no business whatsoever bringing a child into this world.

What makes me really mad though? The reaction of one of our mutual friends, my best friend from high school, who I'm really not that great of friends with anymore but that's a whole other story.

So we were discussing this pregnancy & I said how I just felt sad for the child because of the environment he/she would be brought up in. My friend replies with "Yeah me too. But they might be ok parents I guess." I replied with "GUESSING that one MIGHT be OK parents isn't good enough to raise a child" She replied with "Yeah. But probably half the parents these days aren't good anyway."

That was it. I just couldn't respond anymore. I'm sorry. Just because others are shitty parents doesn't mean that it's ok for a new set of people who will be shitty parents to bring a child into the world. That's like saying "Well other people steal/do drugs/kill people (choose your crime) so I guess it's whatever if some more do it."

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