Thursday, November 3, 2016

Top 3 Reasons I Love Solo Road Trips

I drive.  A lot.  That's no secret.  Since 2012 I have made the drive between Minnesota & Texas 10 times by myself.  I also drove to Memphis & back for my birthday in 2014 & then most recently to Nashville & back for my birthday this year.  (I also took a road trip with my cousin in 2012 & 2015, with my mom in 2013, two road trips in 2009, one in 2010, & two more in 2011.)  However, this post is about why I love driving solo.  I clearly love a good road trip but there's just something about being in the car by myself that makes me happy.

1. Let's be honest I'm a bit of a control freak
I like being able to stop when I want to stop.  Stop where I want to stop.  Eat what I want to eat.  Listen to what I want to listen to.  Take the route I want to take.  Being the driver.

2. Singing at top of my lungs & putting on a one woman show
When I'm alone in the car I listen to my music loud, & I mean loud.  I sing just as loud.  I also use water bottles as a microphone, make up stupid dance moves, & pretend like I'm in a music video.

3. Being alone with my thoughts
Sometimes I just want to think about what's going on in my life & not have to talk to anyone else or entertain them.  I wan to process what's currently going on.  I want to think about where I'm headed in life.  I want to reflect on what I've done in the past.  When there is someone else in the car I make sure to be present with them rather than sitting quietly in my own thoughts.


  1. the only solo road trip i've taken with myself is about 2hrs when i was going to/from college...other than that, i'm too much of a chicken to do longer road trips! like, what if i get lost or my car breaks down??

  2. i have a solo road trip coming up next week and while i agree with all of these like singing and controlling stops, i am worried about falling asleep or getting bored or lost lol. it's like a 9 hour drive so i am not sure what i was thinking!

  3. Yes to #1 and #3 (I don't sing). I go on mini-road trips (one day) at least twice a month. It's great if my husband wants to join me, but going alone is fun as well.